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Is Duct Tape Recyclable?

It is a well-known fact that duct tape is a popular item used to seal, mend, and certain items in the home, workplace, and on the go. It is a versatile and reliable item that comes in various colors, sizes, and materials. The need for duct tape especially within the home cannot be underestimated. We …

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Are Cookie Tins Recyclable?

One of the sweetest statements to children or even grownups with a sweet tooth is, “Let’s go grab some cookies.” Naturally, consuming too much of anything is unhealthy, but periodic indulgence is necessary and harmless. Many renowned brands come in tins to ensure integrity, texture, and exquisite delicacy. By 2023, statistics show that 250.8 million …

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Is Fuel Cell Renewable Energy?

The question of climate change is so urgent that one can hardly discuss any endeavor without questioning how it affects the environment. Energy sources are the greatest culprits in greenhouse gas production, so a discussion of energy can’t be divorced from climate change. Is it renewable energy? This is the first and most important question …

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