Do You Need to Turn Off Solar Panels to Clean?

When it comes to solar panels, there are things you need to know for great performance and efficiency. For instance, do you need to turn off solar panels to clean?

Yes, it is important to turn them off before commencing cleaning. It is equally important to clean them regularly.

One can’t rely on rain to do the cleaning for excellent results. It would be best if you also didn’t think about cleaning the solar panels before turning them off.

Why you need to turn off solar panels to clean

It must be important if you need to turn off solar panels to clean. Knowing these reasons helps you remember to do so at all times.

Turning off solar panels to clean them is a precautionary measure. That’s because the solar panel is an electrical device.

It has both AC and DC components. Consequently, failure to turn the panel off before cleaning could lead to electrocution.

The dire consequences of electrocution are enough to make you avoid its occurrence at all costs. Its adverse effect on one’s heart is indisputable, and there are chances of dying too.

Electrocution leads to fibrillation, thus stopping your heart muscles from expanding and contracting in sync. Consequently, the heart can’t pump blood as it should.

In extreme cases, one may suffer from cardiac arrest or brain damage. The shock can also make you fall from the rooftop.

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If that’s not bad enough, a fire may also arise, thus burning you. Turning off the solar panels break the current flow, thus eliminating the possibility of electrocution and the dangers of the occurrence.

How to Turn Off Solar Panels to Clean

Some people assume that they have turned off solar panels only to be surprised when cleaning. That’s because they turn off their inverter and assume it is enough.

Sadly, that’s not what it means when one says you need to turn off solar panels to clean. The inverter is only responsible for the storage of solar energy.

Therefore, turning off the inverter doesn’t stop the production of electricity. So, electrocution may arise when cleaning your solar panels.

That said and done, how to turn off solar panels differ from one model to another. Therefore, it is advisable to follow the manufacturer’s manual while at it.

Why you need to clean your solar panels

If you are wondering why you should go through the trouble of turning off and cleaning your solar panels, here are the reasons;

It promotes durability

Solar panels comprise photovoltaic cells that play a huge role in solar energy production. Unfortunately, they are prone to scratches from debris, various small particles, stones, grime, and dirt.

Cleaning the solar panels reduces the chances of such damage. It is no secret that even the slightest damage on them is a problem tomorrow, if not today.

What starts as a small scratch will escalate over time leading to dire consequences. It is an investment that needs to be safeguarded, and one way of doing so is by cleaning the solar panels often.

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It increases efficiency

Besides damaging your solar panels, grime and dirt also affect their efficiency. It prevents direct sunlight, essential for energy production, from reaching the panels.

That’s why some users suddenly experience poor performance of these solar panels. It is bound to continue as long as enough sunlight doesn’t penetrate the photovoltaic cells.

Commercial generation is affected by up to 61%. The domestic one is affected by around 21% due to unclean panels. Don’t let it happen to you since it is avoidable by cleaning them regularly.

It boosts your warranty validation

If you don’t follow the set conditions, solar panel installation companies and manufacturers won’t consider your warranty. That’s why you need to follow them strictly to avoid such instances.

Such scenarios have seen many people lose their investments despite not being at fault. One of them is the failure to clean these solar panels.

The assumption is that dirty surfaces compromise performance and efficiency. Since it was your responsibility to clean the panels, they blame you for the failure and don’t compensate you.

It allows you to inspect the solar panels

Whereas problems with solar panel surfaces occur, identifying them on time can make a huge difference. After all, a stitch in time saves nine.

It will be easier to fix small dents and cracks, and you only get to notice them early if you inspect the solar panels often. One way of ensuring that is cleaning them regularly.

As you clean them, you will notice any faults, thus fixing them as early as possible. Otherwise, you might notice the damages when it is too late to fix them, thus incurring losses.

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It promotes beauty

As much as it isn’t obvious, the roof is one element that determines. That’s why any homeowner will always ensure that it stays clean.

Nevertheless, it won’t matter how clean the roof is if you overlook the solar panels. That’s why you must also clean them for the aesthetic appeal you seek.

That’s especially because of their reflective glass surfaces. It is no secret that dirt is hard to miss on such surfaces.


Do you need to turn off solar panels to clean? The answer is a resounding yes, which is something one can’t forget.

That’s because turning them off guarantees your safety by avoiding electrocution. Since failure to turn them off can be bad to the extent of causing death, don’t forget to do it for your own sake.

It also turns out that cleaning your solar panels is something worth regularly doing. That’s because clean solar panels have a long list of benefits.

On the other hand, dirty ones have proven to jeopardize the performance and efficiency of these energy sources. They contain grime, dust, and dirt that inhibit direct sunlight from reaching the photovoltaic cells.

Under such circumstances, expecting your solar panels to perform efficiently is absurd. Can you imagine that that’s avoidable by doing something as simple as cleaning them regularly?

When cleaning these solar panels, one can’t reiterate enough the importance of turning them off. It ensures that you enjoy the benefits of clean solar panels without risking your health or life.



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