Can You Put Solar Panels on the Patio Roof?

As the popularity of solar energy increases, the options of where to install them are also increasing each passing day. That’s good news because sometimes, you want to install solar panels, but your home roof isn’t an option.

It could be due to a lack of access to enough sunlight, which is important for the functioning of solar panels. In other cases, the roof is simply inaccessible for various reasons.

Under such circumstances, you can’t help but wonder what you can do about the situation. For instance, can you put solar panels on the patio roof?

The answer is a yes, but it isn’t as simple as it sounds. You need to know more about the option for excellent results.

Solar Panels Installation on Patio Roof

Gone are the days when solar panel installation was impossible and one’s roof was inaccessible. Not even a lack of direct sunlight or a poorly structured roof stops people from using this environmentally friendly energy.

That’s thanks to other alternative ways of installing these solar panels. Out of the many options, the patio roof has proven to be one of the best under these circumstances.

When it comes to installing solar panels on patio roofs, one has several options;

  • Using an existing patio to install
  • Considering a new patio cover
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Factors to Consider When Putting Solar Panels on Patio Roof

As much as you can put solar panels on a patio roof, that’s not always an ideal strategy. That’s why you need to consider important things such as;

  • The strength of its system should be enough to withstand the solar panels you need to power your house
  • Besides strength, the size of your patio should also be ample for the solar panels you need to install
  • Roof orientation should ensure that the solar panels access the direct sunlight it needs to produce energy
  • Shade shouldn’t be in the picture, or else the solar panels won’t serve their purpose
  • The elevation is equally important for maximum sun exposure for obvious reasons
  • Lastly, don’t forget the accessibility access since you need to access the patio to install the solar panels
  • Ensure that the adjacent properties and trees don’t cast their shadows on the patio since that could also hinder the direct sunlight the solar panels need
  • The material of the patio
  • Its age
  • Construction restrictions in place

Advantages of Putting Solar Panels on Patio Roof

Whereas one can install solar panels in various places, there are several advantages of choosing the patio roof;

It is a Great Substitute for Your Home Roof

For whatever reason, your home roof isn’t suitable for installing solar panels; all is not lost. You can still enjoy the various benefits of this type of energy as long as you have a patio.

It will serve that purpose perfectly if it has direct sunlight access. Therefore, besides giving up, you also don’t need to restructure your entire roof to mount your solar panels.

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It turns out that putting solar panels on a patio roof can save you a lot of money. That’s why you should consider it without hesitation.

It offers additional space for putting solar panels

Sometimes, your roof has no issues and can support solar panels efficiently. Its structure and shape are ideal for installing solar panels.

Unfortunately, the space isn’t enough to accommodate all the solar panels you need for your home. That’s where a patio roof comes in.

It will provide the additional space you need for the extra solar panels. Consequently, you will have enough panels for all the energy you need in the house.

It serves other purposes too

Placing solar panels on the patio roof doesn’t take away other benefits of having one. Therefore, besides accommodating them, you will continue enjoying other benefits.

For instance, you can still enjoy outdoor experiences with your friends or loved ones from the patio. You can also have BBQ moments comfortably.

Saves space

When the roof isn’t sufficient for the solar panels you need, it is no secret that various options exist. An excellent example is mounting these panels on the ground.

Whereas it serves its purpose well, it also has its downside. It will take up a considerable amount of land that can be used for other things instead.

Fortunately, that’s something you shouldn’t worry about if you put them on the patio roof. That’s why they are great options even when your yard is tiny and thus can’t afford the extra space.

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It adds beauty

Everyone wants a home that looks beautiful. One way of doing so is adding a patio which has proven to improve the design of any house.

Whereas it can beautify your house on its own, mounting solar panels on it makes it even more beautiful. So, consider it if you want to enhance how your home looks.

Disadvantages of putting solar panels on patio roof

Whereas your patio roof is an ideal solution, it often has a downside;

  • If the patio isn’t strong enough to hold the solar panels, reconstructing or reinforcing it comes at a cost
  • Some patio roofs are flat, and that’s not suitable for mounting solar panels
  • In most cases, patios are small hence lack enough space to accommodate all the solar panels that your house needs
  • If the rooftop is suitable, consider it since it gets more sunlight than the patio


Can you put solar panels on the patio roof? The above discussion comes bearing good news because the answer is a resounding yes.

Therefore, you don’t need to worry about your unsuitable roof if you have a patio. It has proven to be an excellent option in such cases.

That said and done, some factors make patios ideal or otherwise. Remember them before investing in this project to avoid frustrations and disappointments.

If you place your solar panels on the patio, you can enjoy several advantages. That’s why you should consider the option if possible.

However, don’t push it if it does not apply to your case. That’s because of its downside when chosen unwisely.



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