Can You Put Solar Panels on the Garage Roof?

When putting solar panels, one is usually spoilt with options. That’s why homeowners will often be in a dilemma.

For instance, can you put solar panels on the garage roof? That’s good to know before considering or overlooking it.

It is a question that usually arises when the roof isn’t suitable. As surprising as it sounds, sometimes your roof can’t accommodate solar panels.

Despite being the optimal choice, house roofs may not be ideal. They could be inaccessible or lack access to sunlight and thus needs to find an alternative.

So, Can You Put Solar Panels on Garage Roof?

Luckily, one can put solar panels on garage roofs. If the panels get enough direct sunlight, expect them to perform excellently.

You can use them to provide energy to your house or power the garage depending on what suits you best. Additionally, these solar panels improve the usefulness of your garage.

In most cases, an electricity cable runs from the main house to the garage. It comes in handy when installing a solar system on its roof.

Suppose it is absent; there is no need to worry because you can create one if a need arises. It is easy to do, and you don’t need a professional.

Given the various advantages of using renewable energy, it is worth the effort. However, the garage roof can only be suitable if it has certain characteristics.

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Advantages of Putting Solar Panels on Garage Roofs

If the house roof isn’t suitable for putting solar panels, consider the garage roof for the following benefits;

It Lowers Your Carbon Footprint

If you are sensitive to the environment, you must do something about protecting it. One of the ways is using renewable energy, and solar panels will do the trick.

They don’t emit harmful emissions into the air, thus preventing pollution. They also provide sustainable energy and lowers carbon footprint.

Its Maintenance is Low

Solar panels don’t need fuel, unlike backup options like generators. On the contrary, they use sunlight which is free and readily available.

It makes it easy to maintain a solar system, especially if you buy high-quality solar panels and invite professionals to install them.

That said and done, you have an important role to play in their maintenance. Always ensure that you clean them regularly and things are as simple as that.

It Boosts Your Property Value

If you have rental units, installing solar panels on the garage roof benefits your tenants. They feel they are getting more value by renting such houses since they don’t have to pay huge electricity bills.

Installing solar panels is also great for improving the value of your home. You can use it as a selling point, and buyers are willing to pay more for that solar project.

It lowers Your Utility Bill

Install solar panels on the garage roof to decrease the monthly electricity bill. It doesn’t cost you anything since it uses sunlight.

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Even if you combine a solar system and the power grid, you still save significantly. The bottom line is that solar energy partially or fully reduces your electricity bill.

Power Independence

Unlike the national grid that a power company manages, you are the owner of the solar panels you put on your garage roof. That means a lot to you, especially regarding the availability of power.

It is an excellent way of ensuring that you have power throughout. Consequently, no interruptions will affect your power supply, whether you use it solely or integrate it with the grid.

Factors to consider before putting solar panels on the garage roof

Before putting solar panels on the garage roof, take note of the following things;

The Strength of the Garage Roof

It is no secret that solar panels have a substantial weight. Equally important, the more solar panels, the more the weight.

That’s why you need to determine whether the garage roof can withstand the weight of the solar panels you need to power your home. Preferably, seek the help of a professional for the right determination.


The amount of sunlight reaching the garage roof is directly proportional to the performance of your solar panels. You should avoid your garage roof if there’s shade.

Some homeowners make their garage in the house’s backyard. In most cases, such garages are usually under shade.

Remember that solar panels require direct sunlight to create energy. That’s a fact, and failure to take note of it may render the solar panels useless.

If there are tree branches, cut them for maximum sunlight penetration. Remove any other hindrance and if you can’t move the shade, consider another place.

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Garage Roof Elevation

The sunlight your garage roof will access depends on its elevation angle. It should be about 40 degrees for maximum access.

What if that’s not the case? You shouldn’t give up just yet because there are a few exceptions.

For instance, during spring, a 45 degrees elevation angle is sufficient. The same applies to a 20 degrees angle during summer.

If that’s correct, a low-pitched or flat garage roof remains a non-issue. Alternatively, get solar panels that automatically incline towards the sun.

Garage Roof Orientation

Which direction does your garage roof face? If it is south, look no further for a place to put your solar panels.

It is suitable because the sunlight is excellently accessible from such a point. The north-facing roofs are an option, too but not as effective as their south-facing counterparts.

If you have no sense of direction, don’t just assume because it could cost you. On the contrary, use a compass to ensure you get it right.


Can you put solar panels on the garage roof? It turns out that it is a great option to consider when installing this renewable energy system.

Therefore, if you can’t find any suitable spot on your house roof, don’t give up on solar energy. Its advantages are quite many, and you should grab them when you can.

Nevertheless, it is only an option if it meets certain conditions. Your garage roof needs to be away from the shade.

Remember to consider the roof’s elevation angle, strength, and orientation. If they are perfect, put your solar panels on the garage roof and enjoy what they bring.



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