Do Solar Panels Make Noise?

People opt for renewable energy, such as solar, to curb the climate change menace. Despite all their benefits, do solar panels make noise?

If the answer is a yes, that could be a deal breaker to many people. After all, no one wants disturbing noises, especially at night.

Fortunately, that’s not the case because manufacturers make solar panels operate quietly. That’s understandable because such noise could water down all the benefits of solar panels.

It surprises many people, especially those with first-hand experience with noisy solar panels. Whereas that’s a possibility, it has nothing to do with them.

Several things could lead to noisy solar panels. That said and done, the issues are solvable thanks to various tricks that make the noise go away.

Why Do Some solar panels make noise?

Whereas solar panels operate noiselessly, one might hear noise due to the following;

Large Systems Noise

The solar panel systems ideal for powering huge commercial buildings are larger than those suitable for domestic use. Similarly, solar farms also have large systems.

They comprise many solar panels and large inverters. The equipment is enough to increase the noise during electricity production.

Loose Cables

Solar panel system requires cables for energy transmission. Some cables connect various solar panels, whereas others transmit the power to various places.

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Despite a great job, loose cabling can also turn into a nuisance. It could lead to noise when the loose cables hit the roof, usually during a windy day.

Inverter Humming

Unless you are quite keen, this noise easily goes unnoticed. This noise isn’t a result of any issue, too, so there is no need to worry.

By design, inverters are made to hum as they operate. Fortunately, this noise is usually in the normal range and isn’t unusual for people who notice it.

Inverter Crackling and Buzzing Loudly

Unfortunately, such noise means bad news. Your inverter requires maintenance right away.

The damage results from exposure of the inverter to direct sunlight. That’s why you should ensure that your inverters are under shade.

It would be best to buy high-quality inverters to avoid such noises. Otherwise, their cheap counterparts will require regular maintenance, and crackling and buzzing will be the norm.

Inverter Whistling

A loud whistling sound from the inverter indicates that the capacity isn’t working. However, don’t confuse it with the noise from its fans.

When the fans are cooling the system, they will sound like a vacuum cleaner—the larger the system, the louder the noise.

Racking Rattling

The issue arises during installation when the racking is left loose. It is expected when the screws aren’t screwed right.

Therefore, it might shake or move around when the wind blows the racking off. It is such movements that cause the rattling sounds from the solar panels.

Animals and Birds Falling or Running

Some people make the mistake of installing their solar panels at an angle. That’s discouraged because animals and birds find it ideal for shelter or shade.

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One will hear noises as they step on the roof and solar panels. Besides noises, their feces could compromise the performance and efficiency of these panels.

Solar Panels Creaking

Solar panels are flexible hence easy to flex and bend. It is common during windy days as the winds force them to bend.

Regardless, the creaking noises aren’t normal but rather indicate that there is a problem. It means the installation wasn’t done properly hence the need to fix them immediately.

Bowling and Shaking

This noise is also a common problem in windy areas. That’s because strong winds can shake the solar panels, thus producing noise.

As the panels shake, they cause a vibrating effect. Again, such noises also have a solution hence no need to worry.

How to Avoid Solar Panels Noises

If you heed these recommendations, it will be hard, if not impossible, to experience such noises;

  • Ensure that the TV antenna and the solar panels are far from each other. That’s because the former attracts animals and birds, which cause noise when running or falling
  • You can also fix the animals’ and birds’ noise issues by ensuring that the solar panels are excellently installed flat on your rooftop
  • Avoid hanging cables and clip them to prevent any movement
  • Secure your solar panels well during installation
  • Ensure there are rubber pads between the roof and the solar panels as well
  • Screw everything that needs screwing well
  • Fix every solar panel well
  • Since the solar panels will contract and expand, leaving a space between them sufficient for these thermal changes
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Do Solar Panels Make Noise at Night?

That’s the concern of most people because it is during these moments that they appreciate silence the most. Besides, they use solar panels at night in most cases.

Whereas that’s the case, they will create electricity during the day. That’s why it isn’t normal to experience any noise from your solar panels at night.

If you notice any noise, it only means an issue needs your attention. Ensure that you fix it as soon as possible to mark the end of that disturbing noise.


Do solar panels make noise? The answer can be a yes or no, depending on the circumstances.

For instance, solar panels won’t make any noise if they function well and the installation is excellent. That’s why the noises often show a problem with the two aspects.

Nevertheless, not all noises mean problems; hence no need to panic upon hearing them. It is no secret that the inverter will hum, which shows it works excellently.

Other noises come from external forces beyond your control. For instance, there is only much that you can do to keep away birds and animals.

That said and done, the noises can go away most, if not all, of the time. The solutions at your disposal should help you know how to proceed.

Identify the source of noise and respond to it accordingly. Otherwise, too much noise can take away the fun and water down the benefits of using solar energy.



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