Bird Proofing for Solar Panels [Solutions & Importances]

Solar panels are an excellent investment for any home or business when it comes to reducing one’s carbon footprint and monthly energy costs. However, they may have some disruptive neighbors.

Birds love to nest beneath solar panels because of the warmth and protection they provide. Possible damage to your solar panels caused by your new neighbors.

Birds can do significant damage to your solar panels. A family of birds may have taken up residence under the solar panels if you do nothing to prevent it. In this post we will acknowledge everything regarding bird proofing for solar panels.

Why Birds Are Bad For Your Sonal Panels?

If something goes wrong with your solar panels, you need prompt and trustworthy assistance. While you may view your panels as a useful means of generating electricity, birds and other pests may view them as an ideal nesting site, which can have disastrous consequences.

Birds are naturally attracted to rooftops, and as solar panels have grown in popularity, they have become an attractive refuge for these feathered pests. Unfortunately, birds may cause significant damage to the external and internal components of your solar panels by perching them.

When a flock of birds decides it wants to nest in your solar panels, the results are annoying and expensive.

Birds-proofing solar panels is a quick and easy solution to the problem of scratching sounds, constant noise, and lost sleep caused by birds nesting in the solar panels.

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Dirt and feces left behind by unwelcome Birds quickly cover the surface of the solar panels, resulting in a drop in power and efficacy, evident even in the early stages of birds presence.

Also, birds poop is quite acidic, so it may eat away at the metal and other surfaces if left alone. You don’t want bird poop on your roof, which might spread diseases like Cryptococcosis, Histoplasmosis, and Psittacosis to you and your loved ones.

Birds-proofing solar panels, fortunately, have a tried-and-true plan to get rid of those pesky roosters and squirrels on your roof.

Professionals will exterminate the insect population and block off their access to your solar panels so your system can continue functioning normally.

After the birds have been eradicated from your solar panels, they cannot return. Therefore, you can rest assured that your investment is safeguarded and will serve you well for many years.

Bird Proofing Solutions For Solar Panels

1. Bird Mesh Wire

Install a mesh wire border around your Solar Panels to stop birds from getting underneath your Solar Panels. It’s a tried and true method of keeping birds from damaging your solar panels.

It is guaranteed to work with the panels you already have and can be easily attached. To summarize, Bird mesh is a lovely, hidden option that won’t harm your roof or interfere with your solar panels.

Since they are only kept in place by a nut & washer and are clipped under the solar panels, they may be removed quickly and easily if necessary. Excellent for use during maintenance or cleaning of solar panels.

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2. Anti-Roosting Spikes

Birds will avoid an area with anti-roosting spikes since they can’t perch there. These spikes are a compassionate and effective way to keep birds from destroying your solar panels, and they can be attached anywhere.

The spikes that prevent birds from roosting are constructed of high-quality stainless steel that is also resistant to the sun’s rays.

Putting up bird spikes can prevent birds from pecking at solar panels. You can use them as a discouragement by setting them up around your solar panels or whatever else you wish to keep safe.

They’re hardly over two inches broad and constructed of tough, bendable plastic. They’re convenient because of how little effort is required to set them up and take them down.

The birds are discouraged from landing just on the panel because of the spikes, which cause them a minor but noticeable amount of pain.

3. Install Reflective Mirrors

Mirrors that reflect light can help deter birds. Install mirrors in strategic locations to prevent birds from landing on your solar panels.

In addition, you can get a reflective bird deterrent to keep the birds away. Sunlight, wind, and reflected flashes are used in conjunction with these reflectors to scare away birds.

4. Bird Blockers

The effectiveness of Bird Blockers is analogous to that of bird mesh. On the other hand, they may be more aesthetically beautiful because they complement the color of the solar panels.

Aside from being strong and long-lasting, bird netting also resists damage from the sun’s rays. They’re fantastic for the environment because they’re manufactured from recyclable HDPE and don’t need drilling or screws to attach to the Solar Panels.

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5. Automatic Bird-Repellent Systems

Many people install automatic bird-repellent systems to keep birds and other pests away. Such devices can be set up close to solar panels, where they can effectively scare away birds and other birds.

A bird deterrence system can be audible or visual of an automated technology. The two main types of bird deterrence systems are those that use sound and those that use light.

Installing a noise-making device is a good plan because birds and birds frequently land on modules during the day. These systems may be easily purchased at any local Walmart or Amazon.


If you live where birds are a problem, bird-proofing your roof can boost energy production while reducing maintenance expenses.

A 5 Year inspection is recommended for most systems that receive sufficient rain to prevent buildup. However, some systems require expert cleaning every few months since bird fouling is sufficient to reduce output significantly.

Solar retailers frequently offer ROI guarantees for solar installations. Disagreements may arise about who pays for the cleaning, and nobody likes to argue about birds poop.

Keep a close eye on who will be responsible for what in terms of bird-proofing upkeep and prevention before you sign any contracts. We hope you must have acknwoeldged everything regarding bird proofing for solar panels.



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