Top 9 Benefits of Solar Panels for Schools and Universities

Every learning institution should consider shifting to solar energy. That’s due to the various benefits of solar panels for schools and universities.

The main beneficiary of using this type of energy is the institution. If the benefits are up for grabs, what reason can hold you back from reaping them?

Besides schools and universities, the community also benefits in one or two ways. As the world also struggles with sustainable energy and climate change, every such adoption is a step closer to the ultimate goal.

Ultimately, everyone has a role to play in dealing with the menace. In the process, solar panels will also benefit you in other ways.

What are the benefits of solar panels for schools and universities?

As you take the step of installing solar panels in schools and universities, here are the benefits you stand to reap;

It serves as a Backup Source of Power

Power grids are prone to interruptions once in a while. They may arise from power rationing, grid instability, or power line damage and destruction, to mention a few.

Schools and universities may not have the luxury of waiting for power restoration when such incidents arise. That’s where the solar panels come in perfectly.

They provide the power the institution needs as the power company fixes the grid problems. In the meantime, the power supply remains uninterrupted.

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It Expands the Areas of Study

Solar panels in your school or university will facilitate studies around sustainable energy. That’s a plus, given the rising popularity of renewable energy.

There are various careers in renewable energy too. As you teach these skills, having solar panels in the institution’s vicinity can make a huge difference.

It ensures that your students gain hands-on skills as they acquire them. After all, they can touch, see, measure, install, connect and fix photovoltaic systems.

By the time the students enter the solar panel energy industry, they will have the basic skills. That’s an advantage in their career path, especially when securing a job.

It Has Several Installation Options

Unlike other types of power, solar power has various ways of installation. One can use integrated photovoltaic, solar carports, roof, or ground mounting.

In most cases, schools and universities settle for roof mounting. After all, they have large spaces due to the numerous big building.

Equally important, their roofs are usually flat and not pitched like most domestic areas. It ensures the installation is less risky and easy, with excellent azimuth and tilt angles.

It offers Multiple Financing Options

Various methods are available, and many well-wishers are also ready and willing to support the installation of solar panels in schools and universities. Financing options include state grants, fundraisers, and private donors.

They are more than those interested in funding other sources of energy. It increases your chances of getting one, and that’s good for a school or university, especially when operating on a tight budget.

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It has Low Maintenance

What’s the need for having a power source that needs a lot of resources to maintain? Schools and universities should consider solar panels since their maintenance is a breeze.

As much as the installation may use up a considerable amount of money, money stops being a bother once the project is up and running. The frame and glass are durable and strong enough to give the solar cells the protection it needs.

If you purchase high-quality solar panels, they will remain intact even after a hurricane. Under extreme weather conditions, the lifespan ranges from 25 to 30 years.

The absence of moving parts also simplifies maintaining these solar panels.

It boosts enrollment

Green energy has proven to be a major attraction to millennials. Most young people also want to learn about environmental areas such as solar panels.

Consequently, installing solar panels in your learning institution can increase enrolment. Besides the excitement, students also want places with opportunities to acquire hands-on skills.

Many new careers revolve around renewable and sustainable energy. These careers also attract many renewals, and the relevant facilities can increase enrollment.

It Attracts Positive Press

Excellent examples enjoying such benefits of solar panels are MIT and Stanford. Due to adopting solar panels and initiating solar projects, the media often cover them.

Such positive press has seen schools and universities benefit handsomely. For instance, they receive funds from investors willing to invest in such projects or institutions.

You could be the next beneficiary if you go the solar panels’ way. Such press can also increase your enrollment which also has its advantages.

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It reduces operation cost

There are various uses of electricity within a school or university. That’s because most equipment uses electricity, including lights, fans, computers, printers, and fax machines.

Whereas power helps significantly, it also translates to high electricity bills. The operation cost of running a learning institution can be quite high.

However, shifting to solar panels can reduce this operation cost drastically. Don’t let the initial cost stop you from the shift because it will pay off over time.

It reduces carbon footprint

Solar panels are a great option if your learning institution wants to reduce its carbon footprint. They produce clean energy; hence greenhouse gas emissions decrease.

It is something every individual and company globally aims to do. Grab such an opportunity and make the difference that the world needs to deal with the ever-evolving climate change situation.

If you play your part and the rest of the people follow suit, we will make the necessary progress


It turns out that the benefits of solar panels for schools and universities are quite many. That’s especially because they need a lot of power, and solar panels have proven efficient under such circumstances.

It is renewable and clean, thus sustainable, despite being used in large volumes. Additionally, it is pollution free thus safe when generating and using.

So, if you are a learning institution, consider shifting to solar panels. It is the only way you can enjoy the various benefits of solar panels for schools and universities and also benefit the world.



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