How to Secure Solar Panels from Theft?

Solar panels are a valuable investment and an alternative power source due to their reliability. However, its use has become an easy target for thieves due to its exposure as the solar panels require to be set up on rooftops or mounted outside the house.

Solar panels are an invaluable asset, with low maintenance costs once set up. Their high initial costs and exposure make them an easy target for thieves as they can be easily located.

Five Ways of Securing Solar Panels

Over $400,000 of solar energy equipment has been stolen in California, US over recent years; however, some have been recovered.

There are a number of ways in which Solar panels can be secured and hence saving homeowners money and also the worry of having to deal with losing or replacing their solar panels from time to time.

Use of a solar panel lock

Solar panels are usually installed outside on either rooftop or within the compound, thus leaving them vulnerable for easy pick up by strangers. They are usually installed in areas that are easy to access, making them an easy target for thieves.

Homeowners can use lockers that can make stealing solar panels more difficult. This is because in most installations performed. No lockers secure the panels, as this is the norm.

The use of aluminum wire and a locker can secure the solar panels and provide some security on the solar panels. A variety of lockers available could be put in place at the time of installation.

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Therefore, when installing solar panels, a homeowner can use the services of a professional to consult on the available lockers. This will ensure that the solar panels’ most suitable locker is secured.

Motion Sensors

With the advent of technology, homeowners can embrace the use of motion sensors that can be used to secure solar panels. The sensor usually lights up any motion around them is detected.

Motion sensors are common security measures companies and homeowners use to deter criminals from setting foot on their premises.

The presence of light in itself would discourage the thieves as most solar panels are stolen at night during the dark.

The motion sensors can be strategically set up at all points around the house to detect the slightest movement around the house. This should make the homeowner aware of moving objects around the house before they make their way to the panels.

Unfortunately, the use of motion sensors may trigger false alarms when a theft is in progress, as the presence of even animals can turn on the sensors.

Therefore, homeowners should use cameras and motion sensors to monitor their environment.

Installing Solar Panels on the roof

Solar panels must be installed outside of the house so that they can be exposed to the sun’s rays and capture solar energy.

As a result, homeowners and institutions can set them up on the ground or put them on the roof.

Setting up solar panels on the rooftops makes them more visible to everyone. They should be mounted on rooftops.

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This is because it is way more difficult to get away with solar panels installed on the roof compared to those on the ground.

The installation of solar panels on the roof would require a thief to be more creative than when it is set up on the ground.

Hence this would reduce the accessibility of the solar panels to thieves and thus reduce the chances of them getting away with the panels.

Use of an Alarm System

The use of an alarm is another technology method that can be deployed to secure solar panels. Just like for the motion sensors, the alarm system attached to the panels would be solar panels would be triggered upon any touch.

The use of the alarm system would also deter thieves as they would have to think twice before attempting to steal. The use of alarm system can be used with motion sensors and cameras.

This way, the owner does not get false alarms when the light sensors go off.

Soliciting the Neighbors

We all live in a community, and no household lives by itself except if one lives on an island. Therefore, the security of household property can be conducted with the help of our neighbors.

Sometimes people usually travel for long distances or long periods of time and thus leave their houses unattended over a period of time.

This usually presents an opportunity for thieves to get away with items such as solar panels.

Therefore, it is recommended that household ask their neighbors to keep an eye out for any activities around their homes, especially when they are not around.

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This may require the frequent access of the neighbors to their premises from time to time to spot any strange activities around the house.

The use of an alarm system could come in handy with allowing neighbors to access the premises as the use of the alarm by itself could be less effective if there is no human present.

Therefore, neighbors should be allowed to access the premises if the alarm is triggered.

Other ways to secure panels

Installing a sprinkler head high up on the roof and an electric fence wire around the panels with a pressure switch will activate the sprinkler and fence simultaneously.

Installing a fine quality video camera will help catch the thief since he will be caught stealing the solar panels.

Moreover, covering the compound with a fence is another way to stop thieves from entering your home premises.


Solar panels are an expensive investment, so significant measures can be put in place to safeguard such investment.

This suggests that more than one method is needed in securing the panels, and as such, a multi-faceted approach can be used.

Therefore, the panels can be secured using more than one of the five methods discussed above. For example, the use of motion sensors can be used with that the alarm system.



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