How to Dispose of Ouija Boards?

We all have at some point in our lives come across or heard about Ouija boards. Whether in stories from our friends or on the internet, it has been known to us.

However, have you ever wondered how an Ouija board works, or if you are thinking about owning one or already have one, do you wonder how you can use it and dispose of it if need be?

In this article, we are going to discuss what exactly is an Ouija board. Here, we would be discussing the short history of the Ouija board and where it came from.

Further, we would also be discussing how one uses the board and in case you need to dispose of the board, what is the right way to do it.

What Is Ouija Board?


Probably the first mention of the Ouija board can be found in the Asian continent during the early 2nd century. Back then it is believed to be used for certain rituals.

Most of these rituals are related to the communication between the material world and the spirit world. It is believed that by using the device or board, one could speak to the souls.

Soon the religious movements across the world led to the spread of Ouija boards and especially during the civil wars in America, people started buying them.

One of the reasons why Ouija boards were heavily commercialized in the American Civil War is because they were advertised as a means of talking to the dead.

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Many people who lost their close relatives and friends bought them thinking they can communicate with those who lost their lives in the wars.

The commercialization of Ouija boards did not stop. It rose to such an extent that several paranormal societies and groups started using it as a reason to have meetings occasionally and celebrate the union of the spirit world and the real world.

Due to the questions around the veracity of how an Ouija board works, there have also been numerous scientific studies and tests surrounding them.

Although there is no concrete answer yet, it is believed that for most, the Ouija board is just a manifestation of the subconscious mind and hallucinations.

Not only the scientific communities but the Ouija board has been denounced by several religious organizations as well. They believe that such boards or toys cannot help one communicate with the dead.

Before understating how you can dispose of an Ouija board, let us discuss how it works.

How Does an Ouija Board Work?

Usually, there is no uniform or standard method of using an Ouija board. However, people often lay the board and select one person to guide or lead the session.

Furthermore, the person who is selected, with everyone else present in the room greets the board and the souls and addresses the board.

The person selected asks questions to others present around as they put their finger on the board and move it around. It is believed this helps warm up the board.

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Once this is done, people begin communicating and talking to the board. The board then becomes a medium or line of communication.

They ask small questions and wait for the energy to reach the board and form a response. The experts suggest giving some time at this step so that the spirits or souls can reach the board and answer.

Once the introductory questions are built on, the questions can get deep and closer to the personal life of the deceased. When the questions are done, and the intuitive energy fades away, the session is closed.

Let us now learn how and if we can dispose of an Ouija board.

How to Dispose of an Ouija Board?

Often the Ouija board may be broken or may not respond well. Most of the time, it has to do with the working of the planchette.

When the planchette moves automatically or does not respond appropriately, it is believed that the Ouija board is not working well.

Additionally, if the Ouija board keeps giving the same response again and again, it is believed you should cleanse and dispose of the Ouija board.

This will help you stay away from negative energies and demons. The effect of demons on the Ouija board can make it satanic and trick you into doing something wrong and getting trapped.

Thus, it is important to know how you can dispose of the Ouija board.

One of the best ways to do so is to put it away. When you keep the Ouija board out of your reach and close the chance of contact with it, it often is the best thing you can do.

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Further, you can bury the board by wrapping it in a crate or box. Make sure that if you are burying the board, you put the front side down so that the Ouija board cannot be contacted by any spirit.

When you cover the hole that you dug for the board, make sure to cleanse the soil above and close it down properly.

Further, you may burn the board taking all safety precautions, or give it to the manufacturer back so that they can dispose of it on your behalf.

Some people believe that before you dispose of an Ouija board, it is best to recite your prayers and remember God so that the effects of it can be curbed to an extent.


In this article, you learned several things about the working of the Ouija board. Although we have given a few tips on how you can dispose of it off, it may be ideal to contact a professional or a paranormal expert.

You can also get in touch with the manufacturer as he might be aware of the intricacies of design and can guide you through any malfunctioning as well.

It is best not to fool around much with an Ouija board unless you have an experienced person or professional around.

Whatever happens, make sure to learn things before you get into them, and always participate in a group to ensure you are not affected by any negative energy or hallucinations.



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