Does American Eagle Recycle Jeans?

If a group of people were asked if they loved jeans, one wouldn’t be surprised if the majority of them, if not all, were to say yes. Why not, given the great characteristics of this type of clothing?

For instance, one doesn’t have to break the bank to own a pair. Besides being cheap, they are also readily available and comfortable to wear.

Its popularity keeps increasing as people realize how stylish jeans are. Equally important, new designs keep popping up.

However, an issue has been bothering people for a while. Does American Eagle recycle jeans?

Until recently, the answer to that question was a no. However, it turns out that things have changed.

Can You Recycle Jeans?

Before thinking about American Eagle, let’s answer this crucial question. Yes, you can recycle jeans.

That’s because of its material which mostly comprises cotton. The sustainable fibre breaks down and can be recycled in this natural form.

However, being careful about a few things while at it would be best. They include the following;

  • Rivets
  • Thick seams
  • Zippers
  • Metal buttons

However, these things shouldn’t bother you if you aren’t involved in recycling. Those involved know how to deal with the situation, no doubt.

How Does American Eagle Recycle Jeans?

When your jeans are no longer useable and throwing them away seems to be the only problem, think about American Eagle. The store is willing to take these old jeans and recycle them.

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If you are a Real Rewards member, taking your old jeans to an American Eagle store earns you $10. You get it as a discount when buying a new pair of jeans.

This initiative is a collaboration between American Eagle and Cotton’s Blue Jeans Go Green TM program. Let’s see how the recycling program works for a Real Rewards member.

Step 1

Grab the jeans you want to throw away and take them to the American Eagle store. They accept all jeans regardless of the brand as long as their material comprises cotton up to 90% and above.

Step 2

Receive $10 off when buying a new pair of jeans. Additionally, they will credit your Real Rewards credit card with additional points.

Step 3

You have done your part as far as recycling jeans are concerned. So, what’s left is to trust that American Eagle and Cotton’s Blue Jeans Go Green TM program will do the expected.

If you aren’t a Real Rewards member, it is simple to become one. Besides, it is free but also come will many benefits.


Does American Eagle recycle jeans? It is clear that the store collaborates with Cotton’s Blue Jeans Go Green TM program.

It doesn’t have to be a pair of jeans from the store. However, its cotton composition shouldn’t be below 90.

Do you want to get $10 off a new pair of jeans? If so, ensure that you also register as a Real Rewards member.

If you have been wondering whether you can recycle jeans, now you know it is possible. In that case, you shouldn’t pollute the environment by discarding old jeans.

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