How to Dispose of a Dreamcatcher?

Do you own a dreamcatcher or have owned one in the past?

Chances are that you are a spiritual person or someone who believes in energies.

Since dreamcatchers are believed to catch evil spirits and negative energies, it becomes more important to know how it works and whether it is okay to throw them off.

Since most of the people who own a dreamcatcher these days, just buy it out of curiosity or as an appreciation of handicraft items or to add to their home décor, they don’t always know the right way to dispose of a dreamcatcher.

a Colorful Dreamcatcher

Thus, in this article, we would be discussing what exactly is a dreamcatcher and how it works.

Further, we would be addressing the question – How to dispose of a dreamcatcher?

What Is a Dreamcatcher?

A dreamcatcher is most often a hand-woven net that is decorated with feathers, threads, beads, and different ornaments.

People usually keep them close to their beds or tie them near their bedposts.

One of the major reasons why dreamcatchers are used is due to the belief that it protects you as a charm.

A dreamcatcher is most often used for babies and infants to ensure that they sleep well and that bad dreams stay away from them.

The dreamcatcher is known to represent a spider’s web.

Due to its netted design and circular structure, it is believed that bad dreams get stuck inside it and do not reach the person sleeping close to it.

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The history of the dreamcatcher is believed to emerge from a legend that equates the use of spider webs as a charm for protection.

Although the actual story is not known, the use is almost always considered to be related to sleep.

Back in the day, dreamcatcher-like objects were woven by the elder women of the family for the newborns.

They would often make it with the help of willows and fiber.

It is not officially known when dreamcatchers came to be associated with dreams, but the earlier records suggest that they were merely a protective charm for all negative energies.

In today’s time, it is believed to keep away not only the negative energy in the surrounding but also to ward off all bad dreams.

The spread of dreamcatcher is found near the North American region.

Since dreamcatchers raise a sensitive and superstitious topic, it is often doubtful whether one can throw a dreamcatcher.

If yes, then how exactly one can safely dispose of it? Let us learn that now.

How to Make a Dreamcatcher [A Tutorial]?

How to Dispose of a Dreamcatcher?

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People usually wonder how they can dispose of a dreamcatcher and if can be cleaned or touched.

The safe answer to these questions is positive.

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You can touch your dreamcatcher and clean the accumulating dust on it.

In case you want to replace it or redo your bedroom space, you can even dispose of it.

It is obvious that with time and usage, the dreamcatcher would become dusty and would start looking quite old.

In such an instance, you can either clean it with the help of a small brush or replace it.

Although most dreamcatchers would look good for at least 1-2 years, after that, you may need to change them and dispose of them.

In case you are superstitious or have a deep belief in the working of the dreamcatcher, you must learn how to dispose it of correctly.

Remember that you only need to throw the dream when it breaks, is damaged, or is too old to be used.

Otherwise, there is no need to dispose of a dreamcatcher.

Burning the Dreamcatcher

One of the many ways in which you can dispose of the dreamcatcher is by burning it.

Since people often have a deep belief in the dreamcatcher, it is best to offer your respect and cremate it.

Since it is believed to contain negative energies and bad dreams, burning the dreamcatcher will ensure they are destroyed as well.

Make sure to burn it in an open area, with all safety measures and precautions.


shovel, spade, dig, burying

Another popular way that many people dispose of their dreamcatcher is by burying it.

Since many religious traditions consider burying the dead as a viable option, this could be suitable for you.

You can cleanse your dreamcatcher by cleaning it and drying it in the sunlight and later, bury it with all respect and care.

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Not a popular option for those who have superstitious beliefs about dreamcatchers, but recycling your dreamcatcher could be a great way to ensure that the different parts of it can come in handy and can also make you some money.

You can easily find places online that can help you recycle your dreamcatcher, the feathers, threads, and various small ornaments can come in handy and are easily recyclable.

Reusing and Cleansing

In case you are sensitive about your dreamcatcher, burning it or burying it may seem like too much for you.

Thus, it is a better option to look to reuse the dreamcatcher.

One of the best ways to do it is by cleansing it first.

The most popular way to cleanse or ward off the negative energies from your dreamcatcher is by keeping it in the open Sun for a few hours or days.

It is believed that doing this can remove evil energies and spirits and make your dreamcatcher as good as new.


In this article, you learned about dreamcatchers and how they work.

You also learned about the doubt you probably had, about disposing of the dreamcatcher.

The best way is to do it the way you prefer.

If you feel more comfortable burning it away or burying it then do so.

In case you do not want to lose out on your dreamcatcher, you can simply reuse or give it away after cleansing it.

Whichever method you choose, remember to do it carefully and with all safety precautions.

If possible, it is advisable to speak to a paranormal expert or the manufacturers of dreamcatchers so that they can guide you right.



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