How to Dispose of a Piano?

Don’t assume that you can throw away Grandma’s old piano. Don’t count on making thousands of dollars off of unloading an undesired 100-year-old Piano. That’s a price tag on only the rarest of upright pianos.

Donating, reusing, or selling an old piano are the greatest options for getting rid of it. You can’t just throw a piano in the trunk and drive it to the landfill. This thing is enormous and cumbersome.

Several components aren’t biodegradable and might even be detrimental to wildlife and vegetation. You can take it to a landfill, but they’ll charge you a fee to get rid of it.

Several private companies offer removal and disposal services for a fee. In this post, we will acknowledge how to dispose of a piano.

How To Dispose Of A Piano

It can be time-consuming and expensive to get rid of a piano, whether a grand or upright piano passed down through the generations or a digital or electric one.

Luckily, certain choices might make the procedure simpler and cheaper.

1. Sell It

If you own an older piano in good working condition and want to make extra cash, selling it is a terrific option. No matter if you choose to meet in person or conduct business online.

One alternative is to look in your neighborhood for a buyer of used pianos. You might find a buyer for your used piano if you put out feelers at local music stores, churches, & schools.

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To discover whether anyone in your area is interested in purchasing a used piano, you might also check internet classifieds and community message boards.

2. Donation

Giving your piano to a charity is a great way to get rid of it and give back simultaneously. When deciding whom to give your piano to, loved ones are naturally among the top recipients on your list.

If you know a person who has always wanted to pick up a guitar, this might be the perfect present for them. Having one in the game or family room would be fun.

Consider giving your piano to a nursing home, community center, service club, school, church, or another group that could use it. A piano can be of great service to both the residents and the pupils there.

3. Trade Old Piano For New One

One of the most economical options for getting rid of an old piano is to trade it in for a new one. You can get a great deal on a used piano by trading it at a pawn shop, a music store, or even certain online vendors.

How much you can get for your trade-in is determined by the type and condition of the piano you have. You can save a lot of money by trading in your old piano and using that money toward a new instrument.

If the piano is in good enough shape, you can trade in your current piano for one of greater quality, with better sound and many more features. This may allow you to experiment with various pianos before settling on the best one for your needs.

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4. Call Local Piano Technician

Technicians specializing in fixing and tuning pianos are called “piano technicians.” They are qualified to evaluate the piano’s state and advise you on whether it is salvageable or better off being discarded.

The technician will examine the piano and see whether it can be repaired and playable. When the piano has been restored to its former glory, you can give it away, donate it or sell it at a higher price.

5. Contact Junk Removal Company

Pianos, treadmills, bed frames, and other heavy, cumbersome things are different from the garbage truck-like vehicles used by junk removal services. Hiring a rubbish removal service makes getting rid of an old piano easily.

Give the company a call and describe the piano and its location. A crew of experts from the company would then come and remove the piano.

When Should You Dispose of A Piano?

A piano can easily last 100 years or more if taken care of. However, by age 50, most pianos begin to lose their vitality. However, knowing when to retire your piano when the age difference is 50 years or more.

In addition, even if your piano is more recent, you may still want to get rid of it. Acknowledge the following aspects to consider when should you dispose of a piano.

1. You Don’t Use The Piano

Maybe you have a child who expressed interest in learning the piano, so you got a new piano for your home. Maybe you inherited your piano from a relative who had it for years before you got your hands on it.

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2. No Demand

Check to see if anyone else could use the piano before getting rid of it. You may have changed your mind about wanting it.

Not even your closest relatives may desire it anymore. Someone else, though, could be eager to take it off your hands.

In particular, if the piano has been in your family for generations. A possible lineage explanation is that it was handed down from your grandma.

3. Damaged Beyond Repair

It would take a lot to ruin a piano beyond repair. Water damage is a leading cause of costly repairs that should be considered in a retirement plan. If water damage is extensive, it’s time to retire your piano. It’s time to get rid of and recycle this piano.


Getting rid of an old piano can be a hassle and a financial burden. Before eliminating an old piano, you should weigh your choices carefully.

The piano could be donated or sold, depending on its condition. You might hire a professional piano mover, recycle the piano, or have it picked up by a garbage collection service as an unwanted item.

No matter what action is taken, the piano must be disposed of securely. We hope you must have acknowledged everything regarding how to dispose of a piano.



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