Plastic Hanger Recycling: What You Need To Know?

We all use hangers, without a doubt, and occasionally we have considerably more than we truly need. Whenever we clean up our closet The thought of getting rid of our plastic hangers definitely crosses our mind when we realize you won’t be using them anymore.

But before you throw them away, there’s a question that needs to be answered. Can you recycle plastic hangers?

You will gain a better grasp of this topic in this article. We’ll learn precisely what we need to understand about plastic hangers and how to dispose of them.

By recycling, we can keep garbage off of our fields and use fewer natural resources to produce new hangers.

What Are Plastic Hangers Made Of?

Plastic clothes hangers are commonly made from polystyrene or polycarbonate, which have a recycling number of 6 and 7, respectively. These polymers are of low quality.

Although they can possibly be recycled, buying new ones might be more affordable.

Nowadays, there are primarily two types of plastic hangers available on the market. At home, we frequently employ plastic-only tube hangers of this type.

On the other hand, retail establishments utilize hangers made of both plastic and metal in addition to those made of plastic.

Are Plastic Hangers Recyclable?

Contrary to popular belief, plastic hangers may generally be recycled. There is a misconception that plastic hangers cannot be recycled, but this is untrue because many home plastic collection facilities are unable to handle and recycle plastic hangers.

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But because different types of plastics are used in the manufacture of these plastic coat hangers, making it a challenge for recycling facilities to distinguish between them. As some of these plastics are recyclable and some are not.

And that is why even though plastic hangers are generally recyclable, they still end up in landfills.

How To Recycle Plastic Hangers?

Plastic hangers can be recycled with a little work, and just one simple action will improve the planet. To find out how to recycle plastic hangers, follow these easy steps and play your part.

Check the recycling code on your garment hangers before taking any action. Typically, polystyrene, which carries the number six as a recycling symbol, is used to make hangers.

Because Styrofoam is included in this category and is not frequently recycled, this sort of plastic is exceedingly difficult to recycle. Additionally, a problem with most plastic hangers is that they don’t even include a recycling icon.

You may or may not be able to place hangers in the recycling bin depending on your community’s recycling policy. The best thing to do is to research the recycling laws in your community.

If you are using hangers made of metal, then the metal pieces of the hanger must be taken out before placing them in the bin. To remove it, use a pair of pliers.

Aim to refrain from stockpiling plastic hangers. When purchasing clothing, take off the hangers and give them to the salesperson so they can be reused in the store. Remember that wooden hangers are more durable and sustainable than plastic ones, and think about using them in your home.

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Look for companies that turn waste into better material. These businesses recycle items like toothbrushes, juice pouches, and hangers, among many others. They want to prevent plastic waste from ending up in landfills. You can register to be a host if there isn’t a collection station nearby.

How To Dispose Of Plastic Hangers?

The solutions listed below may help you if you have a lot of plastic hangers and are unsure of what to do with them.

1. Recycle (If Possible)

Of course, first and foremost try to recycle your plastic hangers. It might be a terrific way to reuse materials if your local recycling group provides a program for recycling plastic hangers.

2. Reuse

Reusing abandoned items or materials can be a great approach to producing something better or more valuable than the original. Use old plastic hangers to hang planters.

3. Donate

If you are unable to recycle your hangers then these clothes hangers can always be given to a needy person. If no one around requires them, you can inquire with charitable groups.

4. Send Them To The Dry Cleaners.

You can box up any old hangers you have in your closet and give them to your neighbourhood dry cleaner so they can use them for their regular business. If you are dropping off any items and they accept hangers, be sure to bring your garment bag to save plastic film waste too.

5. Drop Off At A Store

There are certain thrift shops that could provide take-back services. Retail hangers can be recycled by bringing them to a nearby resale shop.

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Plastic hangers are being recycled at Target shops. Target will also recycle plastic to create plastic flowerpots and other gardening equipment when hangers break.

So, simply pick out unwanted hangers and give them to the store’s salesperson.

Alternatives To Plastic Hangers

Other materials for hangers include wire, metal, and wood. There are also recycled-material hangers that are more environmentally friendly.

1) Wooden Hangers

No matter how much clothing is on them, wooden hangers remain sturdy and maintain their shape. This contrasts with plastic or wire hangers, which have a tendency to sag with repeated use.

Hangers made of wood not only appear more appealing, but they are also biodegradable. Meaning you would have to compromise neither aesthetics nor environment.

2) Wire Hangers

Due to their low cost and availability, wire hangers are most frequently found in dry cleaners.

Additionally, you might still have a few wire hangers from earlier excursions to the dry cleaners or garment retailers.

Although wire hangers are fairly strong, they do not maintain their shape and can make your clothes expand. Still, they are a better option than plastic ones as they can be recycled.


So, are plastic hangers recyclable? Well, they are but in many cases, they are not recycled. You can always check with your local municipality whether they recycle plastic hangers or not.

If they do not, you can always donate them and next time you need to buy hangers, go for a more eco-friendly option.



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