How to Dispose of Vape Batteries?

You most likely understand that vape batteries shouldn’t be in the regular trash bin. That’s why they are everywhere, including your bags, drawers, bedroom, and any other room in your house.

You want to know how to dispose of vape batteries because they are slowly getting hard to manage. Your concern is how to go about it responsibly.

That’s wise since their environmental impact is too negative to assume. Fortunately, luck is on your side since you are about to know how to go about it.

How to Dispose of Vape Batteries Properly

These options are ideal when disposing of vape batteries responsibly;

Look for a Recycling Centre

Whereas there are many recycling centres, not all accept vape batteries. Ensure that you locate one that does before transporting them to a recycling centre.

That said and done, rest assured that you won’t have difficulty finding one that accepts such hazardous waste. Their protocols should adhere to the disposal of these batteries.

Besides lithium, there may also be traces of cannabis comprising THC and oil. Therefore, be careful when selecting a recycling centre and transporting the waste to those areas.

Local Waste Programs

Municipalities usually have waste disposal services for hazardous waste and electronic substances. They will collect any vape batteries that you may drop off.

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Again, confirm that the program accepts such waste before taking the vape batteries to that place. It saves you time, money, and effort to do research beforehand.

Retail Stores

Most retail stores selling electronics accept vape batteries and other electronic waste. The stores usually recycle such waste hence an ideal way of disposing of your waste.

Look for one that accepts these batteries and takes them there. They will ensure that they are disposed of accordingly.

Vape and E-cigarette Manufacturers

It is also common for vape and e-cigarette manufacturers to accept these batteries. Their details are readily available on their packages.

Call them to ensure that they will accept the waste. If so, ask them for any other important detail, including where to drop them off.

Local Dispensary

It is also easy to find a local dispensary that accepts vape batteries. They will gladly do so to boost their zero waste initiatives.

Besides helping you dispose of this waste, they will also give you incentives to encourage you to do it more. Upon collecting them, they are either reused or recycled depending on their condition.

How to Dispose of Vape Batteries Yourself

What should you do if all the above options aren’t applicable in your case? All is not lost since you can dispose of the vape batteries yourself.

To do so, follow these instructions;

  • Discharge the vape batteries completely
  • Give them time to cool
  • Submerge the batteries in cold salt water for a fortnight while covered with a tight lid
  • Remove the vape batteries from the water and wrap them in a newspaper
  • Lastly, put the batteries in a regular trash
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Ensure that you follow these instructions carefully and correctly. They are crucial in ensuring that the vape batteries are safe to be put in the trash.

Importance of Disposing of Vape Batteries Properly

Before disposing of a vape battery improperly, consider the danger it poses to people and their surroundings. From toxicity to dangerousness, there are many reasons to think before leaving them around carelessly.

Some of the common consequences of improper disposal include the following;

Water Poisoning

It is good to note that vape batteries contain toxic components, including electrolytes and solvents. Others include graphite, carbon cobalt, and lithium.

Aren’t they considered safe options? Yes, but they are less harmful than lead, cadmium, and mercury in alkaline batteries and not entirely harmless.

If they come into contact with waterways, they will contaminate them. People and animals who consume them will be in danger.

Soil Poisoning

Similarly, vape batteries’ components may also contaminate the soil. Soil poisoning also has dire consequences on humans and animals.


Vape batteries have an electrolyte which could ignite due to physical perforation, increasing pressure and rising heat. So, a fire will break immediately if it ignites while near flammable components.

The driver and the truck will be in danger if it happens during transportation. It could also burn other waste that could have been recycled into new products.

Once they start burning, poisonous fumes will escape into the air. Greenhouse gas emission pollutes the environment, yet it is avoidable through proper disposal.

When to Dispose of Vape Batteries

You don’t have to dispose of vape batteries almost all the time. Thanks to the long lifespan, you can stay with them for a long time.

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Nevertheless, they will eventually stop working. The rate at which it happens often depends on how often you use them.

After around 500 full charges, most batteries wear out. Other indicators showing that it is time to dispose of vape batteries include the following;

  • If you notice that the battery becomes hot during charging
  • When the battery takes a long time to charge fully
  • Any damage to the battery, such as the exterior starts peeling

If you notice these signs, consider disposing of them. Remember to do it right to avoid any safety or environmental concerns.


You are now aware of how to dispose of vape batteries properly. You also know the dire consequences of doing it any other way.

You don’t want to be the reason why someone lost their life or property. Similarly, it would be sad if you were to make the planet hard to live in for humans, animals and plants.

You also don’t want to keep piling vape batteries up. Within no time, they will be hard to manage.

Pick one way of disposing of vape batteries that suits you best. There are various ways of doing so, and the piece puts them at your disposal.

You can always tell when the battery needs a replacement. Look for the signs and act accordingly for the effective use and charging of vape pens.



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