I’ve been to a climate café and…

Been to a café and feeling energized?

Going to a climate café doesn’t carry with it any commitment to taking action. But for some of us, taking part in a climate café seems to release energy for action. So we’ve set up this page to help if you are looking for your next steps. After all, it’s very late. We need a massive climate mobilization. We can only get that if enough members of the public demand it. So we do need to wake up. We need to raise our voices and make them strong and compelling.

What can you do?

  • Talk climate every chance you get. Even in the supermarket checkout line.
  • Join climate action groups. There are many, with different (and complementary) tactics and goals. Ask around. This empowers you for many reasons. But it also helps you stay sane.
  • Walk the talk. This is the “traditional” stuff: you know, fly less, eat less meat, bike more. Once you start letting the reality of climate breakdown percolate down to your emotional core, it might not feel good to keep burning the stuff. More importantly, walking the talk will make your voice more authentic and powerful.
  • Engage politically. Vote, of course, but do much more than that. Go to city council meetings. Run for office. Climate strike. Engage in nonviolent civil disobedience.  Etc.
  • Self care. Get enough sleep, eat well, get exercise, meditate.
  • Get creative.