How to Recycle CO2 Cartridges?

It is no secret that carbon dioxide (Co2) cartridges have many important uses. They are used in scuba diving tanks, life jackets, and fire extinguishers.

However, proper disposal is equally important to avoid a scenario where they do more harm than good. For instance, poor disposal could see carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere rise.

That begs several million-dollar questions. How do you dispose of them properly?

What are your options when it comes to their disposal? Are they recyclable, and how do you go about them?

It is important to have these answers for the sake of the environment, ourselves, and other living things.

What to do before disposing of Co2 Cartridges

  • Before disposing of these cartridges, take note of the following things;
  • Ensure that the Co2 cartridge is empty
  • If it is not empty, ensure that you remove the remaining gas
  • Follow every guideline as per the local waste disposal
  • Use a robust plastic bag or any other similar packaging to wrap it securely
  • Dispose of it like any other waste in the designated places
  • Ensure that you put it in a place that is out of reach of children
  • Don’t dispose of the Co2 cartridge in an open or public place
  • Take note of every cartridge you buy and account for each of them as in use or already disposed
  • Clean and store the recyclable CO2 cartridges
  • Never crush or incinerate a Co2 cartridge
  • Avoid exposing unused Co2 cartridges to high temperatures
  • Never consume their contents for whatever reason
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How to Dispose of Co2 Cartridges

Here is a detailed guide on how to dispose of Co2 cartridges properly.

Look For a Local Recycling Center

It is common for local authorities to have recycling programs for CO2 cartridges and other hazardous materials. If yours does, consider it since it is the easiest process.

Alternatively, look for a metal recycling center around you that recycles them. It won’t be hard to find one since the material is usually steel.

Once you take the cartridges to such areas, you have done your part. Leave the rest to the recycling centers.

Put it in the Trash

Whereas looking for a recycling center is the best option, it is not always a choice. Under such circumstances, throw it in the Trash.

However, ensure that it is empty before doing so. Failure to do so would cause harm to landfill workers or lead to an explosion.

Release Any Remaining Gas

In case of gas, empty the cartridge by puncturing it to remove the remainder. While at it, remember that Co2 is a flammable gas.

That’s why it is advisable to do it outdoors. It would be best if you also were far from any spark or flame.

Once it is empty, consider putting it in the Trash or taking it to a recycling center.

Consider a Local Gun Store

Besides recycling centers, gun stores also accept Co2 cartridges. As long as the store sells pellets and BB guns, they will likely accept a Co2 cartridge.

So, if a local recycling center isn’t an option, check this out. It is a suitable option for people who want to recycle instead of disposing of their Co2 cartridges.

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Send the Co2 Cartridges to Manufacturers

It should be the last result if the rest of the options aren’t viable. It is also a common practice among Co2 cartridges manufacturers.

Their recycling program will readily accept any cartridges.

Regardless of the option, rest assured that recycling will be done properly.

Can You Recycle Co2 Cartridges?

We have talked about disposing of these cartridges. Is recycling them an option?

Yes, one can recycle Co2 cartridges since their material is metal. As a matter of fact, every inch of the cartridge is recyclable.

How to Recycle Co2 Cartridges

Now that we know that they are recyclable, it would be great to know how to go about it;

First, ensure that the cartridges are empty; if not, dispose of the remaining gas carefully and correctly. Failure to ensure they are empty could lead to an explosion, and the aftermath is catastrophic in most cases.

Once ready, look for a recycling program with its manufacturer or local recycling centers around you.

However, there are times when the cartridges are good enough for reuse. If so, there is no need to recycle the Co2 cartridges, and you should consider reusing them by refilling them with gas.

Proper recycling of these cartridges has several advantages, including the following;

  • It saves you money
  • It also saves other resources
  • Recycling Co2 cartridges lowers the dean of new cartridges
  • It reduces waste
  • It also prevents accidents that could leave people injured or dead
  • Recycling is vital for people’s safety

Places to Recycle Co2 Cartridges

When it comes to recycling Co2 Cartridges, consider the following places;

  • Some Co2 cartridges manufacturers
  • Scrap yards
  • Some local recycling centers
  • Sports gear stores
  • Bike shops
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Regardless of the place you choose, ensure that they accept Co2 cartridges for recycling. Otherwise, you may spend money, time, and effort taking them to a recycling center only for the management to reject them.

Common uses of Co2

Co2 cartridges have several safety hazards, but one can’t do away with them because of their numerous uses. One has to learn how to handle, dispose and recycle them correctly.

Some of its uses include the following;

  • The Co2 cartridges will inflate bicycle tires
  • They will carbonate soda drinks
  • They are also used in airsoft pistols


The various uses of Co2 cartridges make them an integral part of our lives. That’s despite the dangers they pose to people and the environment.

Therefore, what’s left is mastering the art of properly using, handling, disposing, reusing, and recycling them. The above discussion has made this important information crystal clear.

You now know how to recycle Co2 cartridges properly. The same applies to using, handling, disposing, and reusing them.

If you recycle them, there are several places to do so. Just research and find out if they accept them, and if they do, take the cartridges, and they will gladly take them.

So, the next time you wonder how to recycle Co2 cartridges, you will know how to proceed.



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