Can You Recycle Domino’s Pizza Boxes?

The brand Dominos competes with well-known pizza chains like Pizza Hut, Papa John’s, and Little Caesars not only based on unit sales but also based on product quality, customer satisfaction, and pricing.

Domino’s pizza boxes are cardboard folding packaging boxes (the same material for shipping) used to store hot pizzas. Home deliveries are significantly facilitated by the pizza box.

These corrugated cardboards are simple to recycle and can be thrown in right away when it’s in excellent condition.

Pizza boxes are typically recyclable as long as they are empty and not dirty or stained.

Well, place this in the trash container. Your empty pizza box can go in the recycling from the garbage container of your home or restaurant.

Is Domino’s Pizza Boxes Recyclable?

What made Domino’s so well-liked is its quick service and the calibre of its food.

In a crowded market, Domino’s Pizza had succeeded in carving out a unique place for itself with its affordable pizza.

Everyone should be aware that Domino’s uses corrugated boxes for their pizza delivery that can be recycled.

Boxes can be reused despite the presence of grease and cheese residue. So, recycle Domino’s pizza boxes even if they are a little greasy.

  1. Put in your blue cart
  2. Freely drop off at a neighbourhood recycling centre
  3. Get the pizza boxes ready for trash pickup. For this, firstly place the liner in your green cart after removing it.After that, load your green cart with food scraps, chicken wings, and surplus pizza. Fill your black cart with plastic pegs and dipping sauce vessels.
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Compost pizza boxes if they are very greasy by placing them in compost bins.

You can easily compost food-stained pizza boxes by placing them in your green cart also.

Examples of food-soiled pizza boxes include cheese that has hardened, food chunks, and sauce splatters.

Domino’s Pizza Delivery Boxes Just Got a Major Update

Domino is currently promoting the recyclable nature of its pizza delivery boxes.

There always remains a lot of grease in that silly pie you just consumed.

The box may no longer be recyclable because of the contamination caused by the greasy residue.

Domino’s Pizza has noticed that many customers are tossing pizza boxes in the garbage and is working to clear up any misunderstandings.

The company has come to the surprisingly upbeat conclusion that, despite their suspiciously greasy appearance, its pizza boxes can be recycled.

Domino’s website states that urban legend (not scientific evidence) says that food-stained, folded pizza boxes aren’t recyclable.

In actuality, the corrugated cardboard used to make pizza boxes is identical to the corrugated cardboard that is recycled daily.

The company has introduced new boxes with an image of a pizza cutter and the words “Do Your Slice, Recycle This Pizza Box” emblazoned throughout the top to entice customers to recycle its boxes.

A QR code on the box leads consumers to a website from which they can learn more about recycling regulations.

Minor amounts of cheese don’t seem to have an impact on the general capacity of Domino’s Pizza boxes to be recycled.

Cheese fragments may affect a box’s ability to be recycled in some areas, so it doesn’t hurt to quickly inspect your box and scratch the cheese off before recycling it.

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The Recyclability of Domino’s Pizza Box Is Resolved

After sharing a margarita pizza and a glass of wine, you and your partner contemplate what to do with the greasy, empty box.

You may be concerned that the remaining cheese and oil on the paper backing will contaminate the recycling system, but you can place the box in the recycling bin.

To make things clear for those who use Domino’s, it has begun distributing revamped pizza boxes with the phrase “Recycle This Pizza Box“.

The problem is that recycling facilities prohibited pizza boxes as they thought the grease from the food would degrade the condition of the recycled materials.

Domino aims to spread the message to customers about their packaging and create boxes that maintain their shape as buyers are less inclined to recycle a package if it is folded, greasy or torn after use.

Today, only 27% of recycling programs in the US state that they embrace pizza boxes.

Customers can find out how to get in touch with recycling programs to request more detailed information about their policies on accepting pizza boxes on Domino’s recycling website.

The United States Already Recycles Pizza Boxes

Whether pizza packages are recyclable or not, is a frequently asked question that raises a lot of misunderstanding throughout the United States.

The recycling of pizza boxes is recently confirmed and the process is unaffected by cheese or grease.

Simply take out any remaining pizza and put the box in the recycling.

Paper mills all over the country already recover pizza boxes, and the industry desires more of these boxes back so they can recycle them.

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The United States uses about 3 billion pizza boxes annually, which equates to about 600,000 tons of folded that could be gathered for recycling.

They added other materials like boxes for transporting food and medicine, by updating native municipal recycling programs’ rules to allow corrugated pizza boxes.

Recycling’s significance to the supply chain for newspaper and paper-based packaging is demonstrated by many industries’ $5 billion expenditure on U.S. recycling facilities.


The acknowledged leader in pizza delivery around the globe is Dominoes.

Customers at Domino’s Pizza have access to a comprehensive menu that includes four different kinds of pizza crust.

Domino’s announced two years ago that its pizza boxes could be recycled, but there was a catch. It takes time to find out whether your municipality is one of the 73% that offers a curbside recycling system.

Only 73% of the community has access to such a program. Many customers are confused as a result.

However, the argument has been settled, and they have stated that used corrugated pizza boxes can be recycled regardless of the presence of grease and cheese residue. So, don’t hesitate to enjoy a tasty bite!



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