Are Inflatable Pools Recyclable?

If your inflatable pool or pool toys have served their purpose, you may be asking how to recycle them.

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) makes up the majority of inflatable pools, which are typically not accepted by recycling facilities.  PVC recycling facilities do exist, they are just more difficult to locate.

There are additional possibilities if you learn further down that recycling your inflatable may be challenging. Your inflatable pool and pool toys can also be recycled by being repaired, donated, and upcycled.

How to Determine If They Are Recyclable

Check the recycling number to see if your inflatable pool or pool toys may be recycled.

It will probably be recycling number 3 and challenging to recycle if the pool or the container it came in doesn’t have a recycling number printed on them.

The chart below explains the implications of the recycling numbers:

Recycling Number Material  Difficulty Level
1 – PETE Polyethylene Terephthalate
(Plastic Bottles)
2 – HDPE High-Density Polyethylene (Milk Jugs) Easy
3 – PVC PVC Inflatables Difficult
4 – LDPE Low-Density Polyethylene (Grocery Bags) Moderate
5 – PP Polypropylene(Tubs, Ropes) Moderate
6 – PS Polystyrene(Styrofoam) Difficult
7 – O Other Mixture Difficult


If a material is labeled as difficult to recycle, it doesn’t mean it isn’t recyclable. Ask the recycling center where you live what they accept and what they don’t.

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Finding a location that will take it, however, won’t be simple if recycling it is challenging.

Look for A Recycling Facility That Accepts PVC

Locate the nearest facility by using a vinyl recycling directory, and give them a call to make sure they would take it.

Common PVC products include:

  • Inflatable Toys
  • Pool Toys
  • Blow-Up Toys
  • Water Wings
  • Tubes
  • Floaties
  • Inflatable Pools
  • Blow-Up Pools

TIP: To identify locations close to you that accept this form of recycling, you can also check out Earth911. To avoid wasting a trip, always call the recycling facility first to ensure they accept it.

Can Inflatable Vinyl Pools Be Recycled?

The answer is yes; this includes above-ground and sizable inflatable pools made of vinyl.

However, because they are frequently made of PVC, and recyclable under number 3, it could be challenging to locate a facility that will accept them.

Vinyl pool liners might be accepted for recycling straight in your recycling bin depending on your local facility. But in other places, you might need to drive to one that will accept that kind of plastic.

Alternatives to Recycling for Inflatable Pools

1. Patch and Repair Your Inflatable Pool

Is it worthwhile to recycle or save inflatable pools?

Keep in mind that you can, and it’s not even that difficult, repair your old inflatables.

This is how you’ll accomplish it:

  • Get some waterproof superglue and duct tape!
  • Find the leak, then gauge its size.
  • Scrub and dry the damaged section
  • To cover the leak, cut a piece of duct tape that is big enough,
  • Cut a second piece – larger than the first length of duct tape.
  • On the sticky side of the second piece of tape, apply superglue.
  • Over the first piece of tape, place a second one.
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Think twice before getting rid of your inflatable pool if there is a tear or rip in the fabric. Actually, quite simple to repair, inflatable pools may last a very long period with regular maintenance.

The ideal option would be to repair the pool and continue utilizing it. There is no need to recycle, and you will save money by never having to buy another one.

Not to mention that you still have access to a pool where you may cool yourself during the summer heat.

Your inflatable pool is now prepared for many more summers of enjoyment. But you can also:

  • Patch holes with bits from other worn-out inflatables.
  • Cut your pool into pieces if it is too damaged to use as a patch for another pool.

2. Up-Cycling the Inflatable Pool

Upcycling generally involves finding a new purpose for the inflatable. Even DIY recycling groups exist that use outdated pool toys and inflatable pools to create new products like backpacks or wallets.

Alternatively, you may turn the inflatable pool into something useful on your own. It is not quite difficult.

Upcycling Ideas (How to Re-use inflatable pools)

  • Make carry-on bags
  • Make a wallet or purse
  • Covering or a tarp
  • Placemats
  • Tablecloth
  • Design Your Shower Curtain
  • Build A Garden
  • Create a pet pool
  • Store your food and drink especially in an outdoor event

3. Donate Your Inflatable Pool

Consider donating it or gifting it to a friend or neighbor instead of getting rid of your inflatable pool or pool toys merely because you or your children have outgrown them.

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However, the best form of recycling is when it may be used by another person.

Finding a family with children will probably result in them taking the inflatable off your hands with no issues.

How Should A Kiddie/Inflatable Pool Be Disposed Of?

Check the recycle code on the kiddie pool to see if it can be recycled. Then contact your local recycling facility to find out which kinds of plastic they accept.

Kiddie pools that have been strengthened often fall under recycling code 5, and most recycling facilities will accept them.

Think about finding another purpose for the kiddie pool before getting rid of it.

Your best option is to recycle or rid of the pool if you’ve ultimately determined that you can’t fix it and continue using it, giving it to a friend, or using it in some other way. You can leave the pool next to or inside your recycle container with most recycling businesses.

However, ensure that you check with them first. Depending on the dimensions of the pool, they could require you to drive it to their facility.


The recycling of inflatable pools is not necessary. Even if recycling them could be challenging, there are other things you can produce with them, as we have said above.





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