11 Plants That Thrive in Bathroom With No Window

If one were to think about the conditions in a bathroom, it would be hard to imagine that a plant can survive and thrive in such a place. So, even before you factor in the lack of a window, the situation is already challenging.

The humidity is relatively high, and dampness is also unavoidable. Does that mean that your dream of having a plant in your windowless bathroom can’t become a reality?

That’s far from the truth, and the popularity of bathroom plants nowadays is enough proof. As long as you choose the best plant for a bathroom with no window, rest assured that you can put a plant in it without worrying about it dying over time.

How Will The Plant Survive In A Windowless Bathroom?

It is no secret that plants need light to survive. After all, they need to carry out photosynthesis to make food, and light is one of the requirements.

How will it survive in a windowless bathroom if that’s the case? Won’t it die due to lack of food?

As much as your bathroom lacks a window, there are low chances of a possibility of no light not entering. So, it is often not a case of no light but relatively low light.

Fortunately, some plants don’t need direct light to flourish. Others can thrive excellently even when the light is quite low. Below are excellent examples of high-humidity low light plants.

11 Best Plants For Bathrooms With No Window

As much as you can keep a plant in your windowless bathroom, not all of them can survive. Let’s learn your options in this case.

#1. Spider Plant

By default, the spider plant can’t do well if exposed to direct sunlight. The light tends to scorch its leaves, thus dying eventually.

On the contrary, it thrives in humid areas without direct sunlight. Doesn’t that fit the description of your windowless bathroom perfectly?

Interestingly, this plant doesn’t only add beauty to the bathroom. It also removes Formaldehyde and other toxins common in bathrooms.

#2. ZZ Plant

It is called a low-maintenance plant for a reason. It is one of the best plants for a windowless bathroom since it doesn’t require direct sunlight.

You also don’t need to spend much of your time or effort to take care of this plant. As a matter of fact, lighting from a fluorescent is enough to sustain the plant.

The waxy leaves will add beauty to your bathroom, no doubt. For the dark green color to come out perfectly, ensure that its pot is simple and undecorated.

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#3. Peace Lily

From the hooded white flowers to the deep green foliage, there is a lot to admire about this tropical plant. It thrives even when the light is low.

Ensure that indirect light reaches the plant, and fluorescent lights will do the trick. However, don’t expect it to flower a lot under these conditions.

Nevertheless, its foliage is good enough to compensate for the few flowers. The planter or pot should have a minimal and neutral tone for its beauty to stand out.

#4. Chinese Evergreen

If you are looking for a luxurious look, this is the best plant for a bathroom with no window. Rest assured that not even the most adverse conditions, including humidity and low light, will stop it from thriving.

However, choose the dark-colored leaves variety for your bathroom. The lack of sunlight doesn’t remove its colorful foliage, which is thus ideal.

Don’t deny it enough light to help it grow perfectly. Some of its varieties, such as variegated Chinese Evergreen, have an exotic flair similar to fairy lights at the plant’s tips.

#5. Lucky Bamboo

Choosing this plant has its share of benefits too. For instance, you won’t struggle to find the plant even in grocery stores.

You will also not struggle to grow the plant since it doesn’t require much. It is an excellent indoor plant for your bathroom because it can do well without much light and grows in water.

It is good to note that it isn’t bamboo despite the name lucky bamboo. However, the plant looks like long, green stalks.

Grab a jar and fill it with water before placing a lucky bamboo plant. Ensure that you change the water occasionally for the plant to thrive.

#6. Snake Plant

Like other recommendations, this plant can also survive harsh conditions. Some people call it the Mother-in-Law’s Tongue since its leaves resemble tongues.

The blend of white and yellow colors makes the plant, especially the leaves, beautiful. Despite being hard to take care of, your efforts will be worth it once you see that plant flourish and beautify your bathroom.

Snake plant is suitable for your bathroom because it eliminates harmful toxins. Since they are common in bathrooms, one should consider them.

Besides, the plant will thrive regardless of a windowless bathroom’s low light and humid atmosphere. Fluorescent lighting is sufficient for it to survive excellently.

#7. Air Plants

Air Plants are common in myriad decorations, which speaks volumes of what they will do to your bathroom. Since they can also grow without soil and direct light, they are ideal for that dull room.

These plants can thrive in various places, including deserts, forests, and mountains, and your bathroom is no exception. Besides looking beautiful, you can also display them stylishly to enhance their beauty.

They are easy to maintain since they gather nutrients and moisture from the air around them.

#8. English Ivy

This plant is also perfect for harsh conditions, such as low light in a windowless bathroom. Since there is no window sill to place it, consider hanging it from a shelf or any other suitable place there.

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English Ivy also has a rich color that’s beautiful and easy to maintain. Even the high humidity and low light can’t take that away from the beautiful bathroom plant.

People also love this plant for its simplicity.

#9. Cast Iron Plant

Some people love keeping plants, but despite the love, they eventually die due to unintentional negligence. Such a plant is ideal under these circumstances as they live up to its name.

They will survive despite an irregular watering schedule or low light. The same case applies when the temperatures are extremely low.

There are various varieties to choose including full-size and dwarf options. The leaves vary, including dark green ones or those with yellow dots or yellow stripes.

#10. Dracaena

It is also known as the Dragon Plant and comes in over 40 various types. Whereas the leaves are usually long and resemble a spear, their width varies from one variety to another.

Expect various colors, including variegated colorations, solid green, and greenish-maroon. Besides beauty, the plant also purifies the air in your bathroom.

It will thrive whether you use natural light or artificial light. It is also easy to maintain and can withstand high humidity levels.

#11. Aloe Vera

Consider this plant due to its attractiveness and usefulness. Interestingly, you will enjoy its benefits without breaking a sweat since it is easy to maintain.

It has spear-like leaves that look beautiful, thus a great addition to any room. You can also use its gel in case of sunburn, bug bites, and minor bruises or cuts.

Is It Advisable To Put Plants In The Bathroom?

Some people believe that having plants in your bathroom will bring bad energy. However, that’s not the case.

Do not hesitate to do it if you want one or more plants. As long as you choose those suitable for these conditions, you won’t have to worry about them dying after a while.

So, the best plant for a bathroom with no window will survive, but you may have to go the extra mile. It is advisable to follow the tips below to improve the low light situation.

Ways Of Increasing Light In A Bathroom With No Window

Despite getting the best plant for a bathroom with no window, the plant will die if there is no light. Fortunately, the lack of a window doesn’t mean no light can enter.

You can try out a few things to ensure that the natural light in that bathroom increase regardless of the absence of a window. Others are alternatives one can consider.

Choose Suitable Paint

As much as you have a window situation in your bathroom, you can make it better by choosing an ideal paint. It will improve its freshness and make it bright and spacious.

Ideally, ensure that you select warm colors so that they can reflect as much natural light as possible. Improve the reflection further by choosing paint with a silk finish.

Place Mirrors Strategically

Whereas your bathroom lacks a window, there is a point where the light enters through. Place a mirror where it can reflect that light perfectly, thus illuminating your bathroom.

Remember that where you place your mirror is significant hence the need to consider it. Otherwise, it will be hard to reflect the light your plant desperately needs to survive.

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Ensure That The Doors Remain Open

As long as no one is using the bathroom, go ahead and open its door. It will allow light from adjacent rooms to enter it, thus making up for the missing window.

Once the light enters the bathroom, the plant will access it, thus making the food it needs to survive. It also has other advantages, such as curbing mold growth and eliminating the steam left behind after showering.

Consider Artificial Lights

If the above methods fail, all is not lost. There are artificial solutions such as grow lights. That said and done, don’t just settle for any artificial lighting.

On the contrary, choose a type depending on the plant you choose. That’s because LEDs and fluorescents have varying photosynthesis spectrums suitable for different plants.

Pay attention to the ideal spectrum for the plant you plan to keep. If you do so, you will surely take home the best ideal grow lights for your bathroom plant.

Benefits Of Plants In Bathroom

Unlike how people assume plants in a bathroom bring bad energy, it has several benefits. If you keep one or more, expect the following;

  • Some plants suitable for bathrooms, such as aloe vera, have medicinal properties
  • Generally, plants add beauty to any place, and your bathroom isn’t an exception
  • They can add brightness to your dark bathroom, thus making it lively
  • Others are air purifiers, and the dampness in bathrooms needs such

How To Place Plants In The Bathroom

Once you get the best plant for a bathroom with no window, ensure that you also place it strategically. It mostly depends on its layout.

Since the bathroom is windowless, placing it near a window or on the windowsill isn’t logical. Regardless, here are other options;

  • On your toilet tank
  • Near the sink at its countertop
  • The side of the tab
  • Back of the toilet
  • Hanging the plant
  • If the bathroom is spacious, place a plant pot on a suitable corner
  • Mounting the plant on the wall, usually in a frame, if you can’t afford the extra space


If you are a plant enthusiast, you don’t have to shy away from keeping one or more in your bathroom. Even the lack of a window shouldn’t hold you back.

That’s because of the availability of plants suitable for such conditions. They will survive regardless of high humidity and low light.

If the light is too little to support the growth, consider the options above to improve the situation. After all, it would be absurd to expect plants to grow without light.

When choosing your best plant for a bathroom with no window, consider the above recommendations. Besides surviving in the bathroom, they are also easy to maintain and beautiful.

Upon settling for the plant that suits you best, consider the various positions and select the one that suits your setting the best. Remember the various benefits the plants offer and ensure that you don’t miss out.



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