Best Live Plants For Betta Fish [All Good Picks]

Many aquarists struggle with selecting the ideal live plants for Betta fish. It may appear that there are either too many or too few good possibilities.

Fortunately, choosing one is simpler than it first appears.

Owners of Bettas adore all of the plants on our list below because of how easy they are to care for and the advantages they provide. All of these plants have a great track record and have been utilized for many years.

You’ll discover information on all of the top Betta fish plants in this guide. You can locate a plant that works for you no matter what sort of tank arrangement you have.

What Is Betta Fish?

The Betta name originated from “Bettah” –a clan of prehistoric soldiers. Should I nickname them “Warriors”? Unlike other types of fish, bettas are not friendly with themselves wherever you find them. Even if they mingle with the opposite gender, they will still wrestle.

First, this type of fish was tracked in South Asia. You can call it Siamese fighting fish or simply Betta. Since the discovery, you could find them in rice paddies or in swales and flooded regions, and this forced Bettas to adapt to drastic and cyclic environmental changes.

This being said date Bettas don’t strain to survive even when they are on dry land with or without water. All they require is to stay moist, inhaling the surrounding air. While in water, they will need 75 to around 85 degrees of temperature.

Important Facts You Need to Not about Bettas

1)  They are healthy in warm and acidic water. This means if placed in chilled water will not survive for long periods due to a weak immune system.

2)  Unlike other fish types with similar tails, Bettas vary, which is confusing. You will find their tails with incompatible shapes. Commonly crown tail, half moon, veil tail, and double tail.

3)  Bettas have a life span of up to 3 years maximum

If you would wish to upgrade your Betta fish pods, you should at least have basic knowledge about the best plants for Betta fish in your aquarium.

Have you thought of lattice plants? Time to implement this tip in your Bettas life. On top of that, aquatic plants provide your Bettas with a delightful innate environment.

Additionally, they also play a role in water purification, keeping the fish pod free from waste from fish.

Therefore, the aquarium is a basic need for your Bettas exploration. Below you will find a list of the best plants friendly for Bettas.

These plants will only require little care, which is cost-effective. Just easy green fertilizers and limited lighting, and your Betta fishes are sorted.

1. Java Fern

Javas are well famous in the aquarium world due to their low maintenance, thick leave, and by nature, they are long. Java ferns come in various alterations as follows;

  • Laced
  • Needle leaf
  • Windelov
  • Trident Java Fern
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Using this plant in the aquarium is so simple; no gravel or soil is required for their growth. By use of the normal glue, you can just attach Javas on driftwood or even on a rock and insert it in your fish pod.

Once you plant, a single Java Fern can serve you for years because they reproduce and multiply within short periods. You just keep on observing your planter for replantation when its roots multiply.

Java Fern Care

This unique aquarium does well in various environments, such as alkaline to acidic waters. They can also do well in opaque tanks.

Javas are supported by almost any amount of brightness. Whether medium or low lights.

2. Anubias

Anubis plants are one of the best plant types for a Betta fish, but they need to be given special care.

These plants have been used in aquariums and terrariums for decades.

They are one of the most popular aquatic plants because they are hard and easy to care for. Anubias plants grow well in almost any environment and can even survive under low light conditions.

When choosing an Anubias plant, it is important to choose a known and named type so that you can easily find information about caring for it.

Anubias barteri is the common type that grows well in almost any environment and can even survive under low light levels.  They have Stem lengths: of 30cm-60cm. Subsurface roots are thick, and they help absorb nitrate.

But keep in mind that these plants need to be kept flooded, or anaerobic conditions will occur, causing the plant to perish. Larger Anuabias leaves may lower the amount of light reaching your betta.

The Anubis plant is a great and easy-to-grow plant for your betta fish. It is most popular because it’s the easiest to grow and helps take care of the Nitrites and Nitrates in the water, which can be harmful to your betta fish.

The betta fish requires more than just a tank, some food, and a bowl of water. Betta fishes will live long and in good health with proper care.

One way to ensure you provide the best environment for your betta fish is by providing them with fresh plants in their tank, and the Anuabias aqua plant is one of the best plant options for your Bettas.

3. Marimo Moss Ball

A Marimo is a type of algae that grows in water. It looks like a round ball with some thin strands on it.

Marimo Moss Balls for Bettas are often sold at pet shops as an alternative to plants for tanks without vegetation like java moss or plants.

Bettas might prefer Marimo Moss Balls over other plant life because it does not require as much light and does not need to be changed out as often.

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Marimo Moss Ball Care

These plants are a very popular addition to a fish tank setup for Betta fish. They are also found in other freshwater aquariums, such as goldfish tanks. Marimos can only survive in fresh waters.

  • To make sure they remain healthy, they need to be periodically taken out of their tank and rinsed with fresh water
  • If their glass container gets cloudy, clean it with vinegar or saltwater
  • They can’t go into boiling water because they will melt


The Water Sprite plant is an excellent, low-maintenance choice for a Betta fish’s habitat. It will survive in a wider range of water conditions and also looks cool!

This plant likes cooler temperatures and grows up to six inches tall. Marimos does well in various conditions, making it perfect for those who don’t want to fuss over the plants in their tank too much.

This plant is also one of the few plants that can grow under fluorescent lights.

Care Tips

  • Place in indirect but bright lighting conditions
  • Keep the soil moist but not constantly wet
  • Make sure you they fertilize regularly
  • Treat as an annual

5. Betta Bulb

The Betta Bulb plant is a good choice if you are a Betta fish owner. These plants bloom well in a well-lit, warm environment with clean water.

The Betta Bulb plant is an aquatic plant that only needs to be watered every 10 days, and it cleans the water by removing nitrites and converting them into nitrates.

These plant type thrives in cold temperatures but can also live in warmer water as long as it’s well-lit and not overfed.

6. Vallisneria

Vallisneria, also known as Plant Fern, can be easily grown in aquariums and ponds. These plants are great because they require minimal care and provide shelter for Betta fish.

You can plant them in the larger tank or in a separate potted container. The Vallisneria is a commonly found aquarium plant that is popular among Betta fish lovers.

They have long green leaves attached to the water’s surface, producing a long vertical stalk with small white flowers. It is usually recommended for Betta fish beginners because it’s much less difficult to manage in comparison to other plants.

Some Betta fish enthusiasts may not be aware that Vallisneria can act as a hiding place for their pets, which can bring relief from stress, exhaustion, and boredom.

A typical setup will involve placing small rocks on the bottom of the tank, then letting your Vallisneria grow on top of them. They will eventually create a natural “cave” or hiding spot for your fish to enjoy.

7. Floating Plants

Think about adding beauties to your Betta fish tanks and bowls by considering Floating plants.

Floating plants are an excellent way to ensure that your betta has enough oxygen in their tanks without needing an extra filter system or circulating fan.

Floating plants absorb the oxygen from the water and release it into the air. This process will also help filter out any debris and waste in your tank, contributing to a fishy smell.

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Many plants can provide oxygen for Bettas, so take a look around your home before you invest in some pricey plants to find one that is at its peak of bloom or has large leaves and big roots.

Betta fishes need clean air just like humans do, so it’s important to ensure enough circulation in their tank by adding things like floating plants or some form of the filter system.

8. Sword Plant

The Sword plant is a popular aquarium plant that grows up to 2 feet tall with broad leaves divided into dozens or more lobes.

These plants propagate well in freshwater tanks, as it prefers well-lit conditions and free space for easy growth.

However, sword plants can be sensitive to copper compounds, so you should keep copper levels low in the water to avoid leaf loss.

These plants are a great option for anyone who wants to add aquatic life to Betta fish.

9. Amazon Sword Plant

This amazing plant is best for extra big aquariums. This means you can’t it in small tanks or pod setups. Therefore, it can only benefit you if you keep more Betta fish.

Amazon Sword Plant leave should not touch the pod water making it a bit tricky to maintain. This plant also requires a boost of CO2 for better, healthier growth.

Also, the species requires a nutrient supplement and additional CO2 to boost growth. Trimming the plant is also a necessary care.

Parting shot

Betta fish are one of the favorite pets at home. They need to have a habitat with various plants that they can live with.

The most important thing to remember when keeping betta fish is to keep the water clean and ensure that they have enough space.

Betta fish require minimal care, but they deserve a comfortable environment. They will be more content and healthier if given plenty of plants to explore in their tanks or pods.

A better way of doing this is by putting some plants in their residential tanks and pods. This gives fish tanks more aesthetically pleasing. Due to their low protein diet, Betta fish need live plants for food.

Tropical freshwater plants work well for betta fish tanks because they can tolerate being submerged for long periods. Some good plant choices are hornwort, java moss, Vallisneria, water lettuce, celery, etcetera.

Betta fish are among the most popular types of aquarium pets. They are native to Southeast Asia and enjoy living in warm water with low oxygen levels. Additionally, they require plants to swim around, so their owners have to remove the plants from the tank occasionally so they don’t rot and pollute the water.

With this detailed information, you won’t be stressed thinking about the best Betta fish plants for the comfort of your Bettas around your home pods.

Choose these plants and make your Betta fish lives enjoyable. Give them a pleasing environment to swim around with plenty of oxygen.



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