Is Bong Water Good for Plants?

People who smoke must have heard of or come across bong at some point in their lives. Bong is a very popular smoking device and has been in use in many areas of the world.

Bong is an easy-to-use device that contains water, cannabis, and a mouthpiece. The water used inside the bong can be easily changed after using for a few times.

Also, bongs contain flavors or mint leaves, depending on the way people who smoke them want to use them.

Although, there is usually doubt among many people who smoke bongs regarding the water.

People wonder whether they can use the water inside the bong to water plants as it could simply be saved from getting wasted. Although there is no scientific study regarding this, addressing this question is quite important.

This is why, in this article, we would be discussing what exactly bong water is and whether bong water is good for plants.

What Is Bong?

Quite simply bong is nothing but a water pipe that is attached to a device that has been historically used for many centuries for smoking. People usually smoke certain herbs or cannabis inside it.

The structure of a bong is similar to that of a hookah, which is an ancient Asian smoking device that has its traces in the Mughal dynasty of North India.

However, a bong is much smaller and is usually airtight, to create pressure and let the smoke out occasionally.

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There is usually a hole in the bongs to let the smoke and air out that are building up in the middle part or stem. This is the part that contains the smoking object.

The early use of the bong can be traced back to some regions of East Asia and Africa. It has also been a part of several literary works, which have carried it toward western civilization as well.

Quite similar to a hookah in usage as well. A bong works with water and smoke. People inhale the smoke using the mouthpiece attached on top of it.

Due to the bubbles formed inside the air-tight container, you can often hear a gurgling sound inside.

Although bongs come in several sizes and varieties, they can be formed using any substance that is strong enough to hold water and carry out smoke.

Although a bong is not really in much popular use these days, the people who use it are often concerned about the use of water in it.

In case you are also wondering if you can use the bong water to water plants so that it is not wasted, keep reading as we address this question.

Is Bong Water Good for Plants?

The basic and common constituents of bong water would usually be some amount of ash, acrylamide, carbon dioxide, and carbon monoxide. Depending on the nature of the smoke and drug used, they might differ as well.

However, bong water is not fit for drinking or even for washing something. The water is full of debris, and toxic gases and has probably been inside the bong for a few days or weeks.

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This is a big question among people who smoke, whether they can bring bong water to some use or not, or if they can use it to water plants.

It may certainly seem at first that bong water is beneficial for plants since it can work similarly to a compost pit and provide several nutrients to the soil and eventually the plant.

However, it is certainly not true. Since bong water includes several toxic gases, compounds, and hydrocarbons, it is not at all a good idea to use it to water plants.

The nature of the water you use to water plants does not have much to do with your health, but if you use an inherently toxic water like bong water, it can have an impact on your health as well.

For instance, as the water gets absorbed by the soil surrounding the plant, the same water is then used up by the plant in sprouting the leaves, flowers, and eventually fruits or vegetables.

If the plants are edible, they can severely harm your health further and can make you regret the decision of using bong water in the plants.

Besides, apart from being extremely toxic, the bong water is also too acidic and creates an imbalance in the pH levels of the soil.

Once the pH level of the soil is heavily disturbed, it can stunt the growth of the plant or make it difficult to use and absorb the necessary nutrients.

In case you wondered what bong water could do to the human body, it should be known that even inhaling the toxic water can make you prone to several infections and respiratory issues.

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Bongwater is one of the places that have bacteria in abundance. This is why the more you keep the bong water around you or in your plants, the more you are making yourself available for bacterial infections.

If you want to benefit the plants around you, including your houseplants, it is a much better idea not to use bong water for them at all.

Instead, you can use tap water, rice water, or water extracted after washing vegetables and fruits to throw in the plants.

Bongwater, although not suitable for plants, may be helpful in a compost pit in some cases.


Therefore, you should be particularly cautious when dealing with bong water. It is not only toxic and dangerous for you but also for the plants.

When watering the plants, there are several other alternatives available and you should not opt for bong water just because you do not waste it.

The right way to dispose of the bong water is to throw it down the drain or in a bin, but not to let it sit for days or weeks or to water plants with it.

The next time you smoke a bong, make sure to plan how you would throw the water.



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