14 Low-Light Indoor Plants for Dark Room

Whether you need indoor plant decorations for dark rooms or a normally lighted basement, humidity and temperature are key factors to consider.

You will find out some indoor plants do well in humid places while others can only survive in hot or warmer environments. This article will teach you the best indoor plants for a dark room. Read on…

Do you have a dark room that you wish to decorate with indoor plants? Considering your dark area has minimal sunlight exposure, you should be selective to pick only those plants that do well in limited light exposure.

For instance, you make the mistake of picking a plant that requires much sunlight and placing it in a dark room, and it will automatically die. Read on to learn about the best indoor plant for dark room selection. 

Below find easy-to-care low-light indoor plants for your dark basement. These will thrive with minimal sunlight. 


Are you looking to achieve a classic look in your dark room? Ivy indoor plant is one of the best options you can go for.

This kind of plant will strike your dark room elegantly. It does well in low sunlight; hence, your dark room can’t go wrong with Ivy.

Additionally, it works magic as an air purifier, whereby it clears toxins such as xylene, benzene, toluene, and formaldehyde. 


Here is another best indoor plant for dark rooms that are best for your dark room. This one will serve your dark room elegance as well as improve the quality of air.

You can’t go wrong with this one, as it only requires low light. Easy maintenance since it can survive with watering after every 2 to 3 weeks. Regardless of its simplicity by looks, the snake plant will serve you as toxins cleaning around your dark basement. 

Benefits of snake plant

  • Easy care maintenance.
  • Snake plant works as a mental health booster. 
  • This plant can help with minor ailments such as inflammation, headache relief, immune system boosting, burns, and skin wound healing.
  • It helps with indoor air filtration.
  • Toxic pollutant remover.

NOTE: Snake plants are considered toxic because of the poison found in their leaves. The poison can lead to tongue numbness if taken without care. As most children are prone to nibbling, I would advise keeping snake plants away from their reach or touch. 


Pothos are quite decorative. They can thrive indoors with less fuss, neglect, water, and indirect light. Hence, low life support for their growth.

With Pathos in your dark room, you can rest assured absorption of formaldehyde and other air toxins. The beautiful decorative look is achieved when you place pathos in baskets for their loose hanging easiness.

You can as well choose to design Pathos as an indoor climbing plant. 

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Pothos Merits

  • This type of indoor darkroom plant helps with odor elimination.
  • Pothos are good in freshening the air room.
  • They can also help alleviate eye irritations after screen starring for long hours.
  • Easy maintenance and this is why it does well in dark houses.
  • Its leaves have a calming effect on the mind.

Impress your eyes every moment you enter your dark room by choosing this great plant. 


Add colorful bright foliage to your dark corners with Philodendron indoor plants.

This heartleaf type is a beautiful and effective decorative addition to dark houses since it grows well minus direct sunlight. 

There is no need to water philodendrons unless plant soils get dry to the touch. 

Philodendrons benefice

  • This indoor plant acts as the king of foliage.
  • Philodendrons leaves are carbon dioxide absorbers.
  • Atmospherically this plant is a natural air freshener.
  • You can grow Philodendrons in a water bottle and hang them on your darkroom wall without soil. 

-Think of how lovely your dark area will be with such a water houseplant. 

  • It’s amazing how this indoor plant will boost the humidity in your home, thus eliminating dry air, which is a source of many bad health complications.
  • With Philodendrons in your dark rooms, you are assured of fresh air breath since it clears all harmful chemicals.

Go for Philodendrons and achieve healthy and positive energy from its leaves which resemble heart shapes. 

ZZ Indoor Plant

Do you have neglected dark corners in your house that you look forward to decorating? Add ZZI indoor plants to your collection.

This plant doesn’t require any direct light or sunlight favors for its survival. 


  • ZZ plant attracts purifying and protective energy. 
  • It is known to bring luck.
  • It keeps the room free from contaminants.


Decorate your dark apartment with Palms and grab the feel of the Victorian era. This plant enjoys dark situations for perfect growth. 

Just keep the plant soil moist, be sure of occasional pruning and be wary of pests. Total avoidance of direct sunlight as this will lead to leaving curling. 


  • With Palm in your rooms, you will be advantaged with oxygen increase.
  • Palm has air-purifying properties.
  • Creates positive energy.

Go for Palms indoor pants and enjoy a natural aura. Not forgetting the peace of mind and wealth that comes along with its presence.


Boston Fern has been one of the best interior designs plant since its discovery. Enjoy the bright green color by simply placing Boston Ferns in baskets or urns. 

Direct light is not necessary for this growth.

Why Choose Boston Fern?

  • Boston Fern will restore moisture to dry air in your room.
  • If you smoke, this plant fight against cigarette smoke.
  • It potentially helps with throat conditions and noses.

Enjoy the presence of such graceful ferns with easy care. 

Maidenhair Fern

Here comes another fern that does well in dark spots. Add elegant green to your home with Maidenhair Fern lush outlooks. 

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For better growth, make sure you place this fern in places with no direct sunlight. Also, ensure it is on moist grounds and has proper drainage to keep the roots strong. 


A very gorgeous house plant with colorful leaves. No hard care! This is perfect if you are an indoor décor starter.


  • Dieffenbachia is a great medicinal plant.
  • It will give your room area an exceptional tropical look. 
  • This plant provides a beautiful touch. 
  • Easy maintenance.
  • It is amazing how it efficiently absorbs carbon dioxide.

Keep this plant in your residence or even office and enjoy its big foliage. It’s Implausible!


A considerable indoor plant for dark houses exclusive of a ton of care. Rex Begonia will help you in achieving quirky surfacing in your room. 

Rex Begonia is conventional for its vibrant and solitary leaves. Whether in low light or medium, Rex Begonia will grow magic and serve you with the décor elegance.

This indoor plant type is lenient when watering goes through a mess. As long as Rex Begonia are planted and placed in a dim spot, they can cope better for a few weeks without water. 

Rex Begona benefits

  • Attractive flowers and foliage. Its assorted leaf colors, shapes, and sizes, as well as variance in their blooms, give them extraordinary looks. 

There are 2 most liked begonias variations, which include;

Weight Begonias

-Angel wing or Dragon Wing


Absolute for dark space, spider plants can flourish in collateral light. It offers a shady room with sole emergence. 

Spider plants make incredible indoor plants. They parade successfully in any dark corner of basements pulling through with lean maintenance. For any devoted indoor gardener, this is one of the best plants you can never miss in your dark room. 

For the Spider plant growing set up, they carry out perfect win hanging buckets as well as on containers. This one will require more frequent watering in the summertime than in the winter, limiting water to zero percent. 

One point to note when planting this indoor décor plant is to ensure the planting soil is good in draining water. The cold climate can negatively affect their germination despite them growing in dark areas. 

Spider Plant Satisfaction

  • Like any other plant, spider plant has the ability to deodorize the air
  • It is a hypoallergenic plant hence ultimate for toxins filtering
  • Spider plant supports and balances human hormones that are stress response, keeping them in control, thus, mood improvement and fortune
  • In western custom, these plants are also allegedly believed to offer luck 

This is a can’t-miss indoor pot plant. 


This one needs close to just water for growth. If you decide to plant Lucky Bamboo in your dark room, you will be impressed with its swift maturation with less care percentage. Planting these kinds of indoor plant decors is a total jolly. 

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Keeping Lucky Bamboo is simple. Just keep in mind that it requires zero sunlight exposure to favor their leaves from yellowing and burning. A little addition of fertilizer speed up and spices up the plant’s fast growth but is not necessary.

Too much hydrating of Lucky Bamboo will definitely lead to curly leaves, which is the root cause. 

Moth Orchid

Achieve refinement to your dark rooms with Moth Orchid. These indoor plant decor charmers require simple care. They can maintain their bloom for several months and are flawless in darker environments. 

These beauties come in a variety of bicolor. You will get them in just two sizes: grade/standard size and goblin, which is approximately under 15 inches tall.

The care is easy. Moth Orchid doesn’t require excessive watering as this can lead then drying and death. You should not worry about the plant soil getting a bit dry for a while.

Moth Orchid benefits

  • The presence of a Moth Orchid clears volatile organic compounds from the air. This is so amazing as you will breathe xylene-free natural air.
  • This super beauty plant also helps when the surrounding air is dry by neutralizing it.
  • Moth Orchid placed in your dark bedroom will automatically perform its magic, absorbing carbon dioxide and oxygen release, which is a significant thing, making you attain a relaxing and positive mood while sleeping. This erases insomnia storm.
  • Orchid flowers work as stress busters and help reduce stress, hence mood transformation positively.
  •  Moth Orchids can aid in upgrading your sleep stat.us 


Do you want to upgrade your indoor landscaping? Calatheas added to your indoor decorations will give your bright room looks. Is it not a good feeling to enjoy showy looks in your interior areas with easy-care plants? Read on for more understanding of Calatheas.

Calathea plant requires indirect sunlight for its growth and thus, making it a good fit to add to your dark room decorations. Calathea comes in a variety of species, as follows; 

  • Orbifolia
  • Rufibarba
  • Makoyana
  • Lancifolia
  • Roseopicta
  • Ornata

For healthy growth of these plants, ensure they are in moderate temperatures in humid dark locations. Watering Calathes should strictly remain limited, avoiding the plant soil from becoming soggy but just moist. 

Pruning is unnecessary with this type of indoor beauty. You only need to take away any destroyed leaves.

Calatheas Benefits

  • This plant will expand oxygen. 
  • Humidity level booster, especially in the summer season.
  • It traps all dust in your room. What a supernatural act! You no longer have to spend time everyday vacuuming floors.
  • Calathea performs its magic as an air purifier.
  • It accommodates pets
  • Again Calathea relieves stress.

Choose Calathea as your absolute in-house plant and enjoy its benefits. You will be amazed at how assuring this plant is in nature. It brings perfect favor in your office or home. Moreso, Calathea leaves are medicinal in nature.



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