Can You Recycle Furnace Filters?

Whether it’s winter or summer, homes can benefit from furnace filters in a number of ways. But unfortunately, they don’t last as long as we’d like.

In order to guarantee that you have the optimum indoor air quality, changing filters is an essential component of a home furnace’s regular maintenance.

And if you’re one of the people concerned about their carbon footprint, you probably be wondering whether or not furnace filters are recyclable given the numerous changes that occur each year.

We’ll assist you in determining whether furnace filters are recyclable in this article. And if so, what are the procedures for getting rid of and recycling old furnace filters? Continue reading to learn more.

What Is a Furnace Filter and What Is It Made Up Of?

Before the air is cooled, pollutants are removed by a furnace filter.

Regular air filter changes will enhance the quality of the air inside your home, benefit your health, lessen the quantity of dust and dander in the air, and increase the effectiveness of your HVAC system.

Furnace filters are usually made up of cardboard, metal, and fabric. Fabrics used to make filters include cotton, polyester, and fibreglass.

The quality of the material determines how well the furnace filters the air.

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Can The Furnace Filter Be Recycled?

Yes, you can, as most of the materials used to make furnace filters are recyclable. Many recycling facilities will take them.

Some air filter retailers also take back used filters. You can also inquire about an air filter recycling program with your neighbourhood municipality.

They can potentially release dangerous particles into the environment, so some people choose to toss them away, but it is not the greatest course of action.

Steps To Recycle Your Furnace Filter

Here are some steps you could take to properly dispose of your furnace filter:

Disassemble the filter.

Layer by layer, start disassembling your air filter. To make the disassembly operation go more smoothly, start by loosening the furnace’s or air filter’s outside frame.

When handling sharp objects, use caution because they have the potential to pierce the skin.

Sort Your Materials into Categories

You must recognize the various components of your filter after disassembling your furnace filter. There will be two types of groups: recyclable and non-recyclable.

What you’re truly looking for are recyclable materials! Please arrange them carefully, keeping each material in its own group, such as plastic in its own part, textile in another, etc.

Find out which materials can be recycled.

Furnace and air filters, which are made of a variety of materials, might raise alarming amounts of questions about recycling.

Furnace filters are made of recyclable materials like cardboard and plastic as well as non-recyclable materials like polyester and fibreglass. So, it is important that you are aware of it.

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Place the recyclables in suitable bags or containers.

Even though it’s not required, keeping each category of waste in its own eco-friendly bag or container can assist streamline the recycling process and make it much neater and simpler to manage on collection day!


You can recycle your furnace filters and you can do it swiftly and effectively by following the tips mentioned above. We hope this article has provided some clarification.



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