Best Renewable Energy Companies in UK

Most firms in the United Kingdom are investing highly in renewable energy which helps them to realize profits.

This article will look at the various companies that are doing well in the energy industry (and its go green movement).

In the year 2019, the UK became the top-notch leading offshore wind renewable source.

In 2020, the government of the UK invested in green space, thus they rely on power from renewable sources majorly wind, hydro, and sun.

Read on to find out the best renewable energy companies in the UK.


Bulb is an energy company that provides renewable electricity to the residents of the United Kingdom.

It provides energy from the following renewables; solar, wind, and hydro. Its main aim is to reduce the carbon footprint around the world.

Over the years, Bulb has made its process more flexible by enabling individuals to access and manage energy expenditures and referrals on a smartphone.

Bulb is a low cost 100% renewable electricity supplier with no exit fees. Hence, making it a very user-friendly company.

Moreover, Bulb is involved in community service too. It aims to achieve the policy of social awareness through referrals and charitable activities.

The company has formed projects in society that aim to engage young children in matters of going green and energy conservation.


A green energy tariff works by the supplier promising to match all or some of the electricity you use with renewable energy, which it then feeds back into the National Grid.

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So, the more people sign up for a green energy tariff, the bigger the percentage of green energy in the national supply.

When you sign up for a green energy tariff, you still get electricity from the National Grid in the same way as you would with a non-green tariff.

In other words, your electricity is not 100% green. Some of it is renewable energy.

At the present, about 25 percent of the electricity in the National Grid of the UK comes from renewable green sources, such as wind, solar, and the sea.

The rest is generated in nuclear power plants or by burning fossil fuels.


The Good Energy Group is another completely renewable energy company that has been making deals to spread charging ports for electric vehicles.

In addition, they pay their staff well. The Good Energy Group does a great job of functioning by its word.

The company is involved in community work too, such as it has selected projects in places like Nepal, Vietnam, and Malawi to give back to local communities.

These are not the only renewable energy companies that you can get your power from.

There are plenty more, but these are some of the most popular ones.

There is also BETTER ENERGY, Dali Gas, First Utility, Green Star, Supply Energy, Ecotricity, and many more.


This company has been in active operation in the United Kingdom since 1996. They provide homes and businesses with frack-free gas and renewable energy.

To those who mostly do a lot of motorway driving. They at some point may have seen electric vehicle charging points. Nowadays it is possible to drive up and down without burning fossil fuels.

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This is healthy for the environment as air pollution has been minimized. Ecotricity invests its profits into building a sustainable future.

They built renewable infrastructure ranging from solar farms to new windmills and also the UK’s first grass-fed green gas mill.

On September 2019, they were declared by UK’s Energy Regulatory Authority as the greenest energy company.


As their name suggests, they deal with solar energy.

They tap sun rays and convert them to solar energy for homeowners, and recently some companies have adapted their services.

Their small-scale projects are helping a lot of civilians, and that’s why people are loving them.


OCTOPUS is a 100 percent renewable energy firm that invests in sustainable technology.

For instance, they have branched out into electric vehicles, a system known as devising where drivers operate their homes off of the power of their vehicles during peak seasons, this is important in reducing national grid pressure.

Octopus is also known for its transparent pricing and lack of exit tariffs which, according to a survey, placed them as number one among companies producing renewable energy in the UK.


Zeigo is another renewable energy company in the UK that provides easy and quick energy to businesses.

From 2919, Zeigo has produced a complex way of coming up with renewable energy procurement as well as enabling transparent access to renewable energy.

They do this by connecting generators to large companies smoothly.


A popular renewable energy company, PICLO was founded by James Johnson.

Its mission is to enable a flexible energy system by making energy cleaner and diversified in response to climatic change.

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Its market aim is to provide local flexibility on the distribution system, softening out the more complex transformation to a decarbonized future while delivering low-cost and effective resilient grids.


Founded by Laurence Kemball-Cook, the company motivates brands globally to create an important and durable connection with stakeholders around energy-sustainable goals and practices.

Pavegen uses renewable energy generated by footsteps with the mission of educating and motivating stakeholders globally.


The founder is Sarah Merrick. It aims to enable people all over the world to own large-scale wind farms and solar parks so that they have clean and low-cost energy they can use in their homes or day-to-day small business activities.

Their system supplies the electricity from the wind farms to solar parks to respective owners’ hone through the grid.

Ripple puts the power in citizens’ hands and they are facilitated to have the clean renewable energy they desire.


All of us agree that we need to protect our environment and our surroundings.

Renewable energy companies in the UK and around the globe are making necessary adjustments to align with the go green goals.

We need to use cleaner energy sources that conserve our environment.



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