Top 7 Benefits of Having a Green Wall

You may have seen them in airports or public spaces: towering walls of plants that clean the air and add a splash of green to drab surroundings.

These are called green walls, and they offer a host of environmental benefits that make them a popular choice for indoor and outdoor spaces alike.

If you’re thinking about adding a green wall to your property, you’re in luck. In this article, we’ll explore the many benefits of green walls and give you some tips on how to get started. Keep reading to learn more!

The Aesthetics of the Green Wall

Whatever design aesthetic you favor for your house, it will require a touch of nature. Any place is made more beautiful, warm, and brightened by greenery.

Brighten Ups the Mood

These green walls will not only brighten up your space but they’ll also improve your mood.

It might seem like an odd thing to say, but research has shown that adding plants and nature to our surroundings has a lot of benefits—including reducing stress levels and improving our moods.

Not to mention, it just makes our homes look nicer.

This is where a green wall comes in. A green wall can easily be placed indoors or outdoors.

It’s like having your own little garden right inside your home or office.

Improved Air Quality with a Green Wall

Think about the condition of the air in your house or workplace. It’s probably not great, especially if you’re living or working in a city.

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Poor air quality can cause all sorts of health problems, from headaches and nausea to asthma and respiratory issues.

But what if there was a way to improve the air quality in your home or office without spending a fortune on air purifiers? Introducing the green wall.

Not only do green walls look great, but they also have some awesome environmental benefits. For starters, they help improve air quality by trapping pollutants and releasing oxygen.

A green wall is a plant wall that’s installed indoors, often in offices, hospitals, or schools.

It works like an air filter, trapping harmful toxins in the soil and releasing clean air into the environment.

In fact, a green wall can improve air quality by up to 57%.

So, if you’re looking for a way to improve the air quality in your home or office, consider installing a green wall.

Not only will you be improving the air quality, but you’ll also be adding a touch of greenery to your environment.

Reducing Energy Consumption with a Green Wall

Green walls are great for reducing energy consumption in a building.

How? Well, green walls act as natural insulation for a building.

The plants and the soil create a layer of insulation that helps keep the building cooler in the summer, reducing the temperature by 20oC and warmer in the winter.

In addition, green walls also purify your air for you, saving you the cost of adding air purifiers.

Reduce Ambient Noise

The building’s living wall serves as a soundproofing measure. It can reduce noise by up to 15dB since it absorbs 41% more sound than a conventional facade.

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As a result, both inside and outside of the building, the environment becomes substantially calmer, with noise levels more in line with those found in nature.

Boosting Productivity

Positive emotions foster learning and more effective decision-making on difficult tasks, both of which are directly related to one’s sense of well-being.

Additionally, being exposed to nature leads to a rise in logical reasoning and innovative methods. 15% more output may be achieved in an environmentally friendly or green workplace.

Employee happiness is positively impacted by plants.

Improves Business

Being constantly surrounded by pollution is stressful, which is why more and more people are embracing natural places.

Positive sentiments are produced by green walls even for those who do not reside there or frequently visit the area. like patrons of a restaurant or store.

In actuality, they can only fully experience the advantages by choosing to spend time in that particular place.

In the second instance, a positive outcome is seen in the increased average consumer dwell time and overall satisfaction with the shopping experience.

Increase The Brand’s Value

The property’s value will rise as a result of its natural and sustainable appearance and lower energy expenditures.

According to studies, job prospects may be drawn to a company’s building as a representation of its social and environmental performance.

Additionally, having plants on or surrounding a piece of real estate improves its value by 20%.

How to Create Your Own Green Wall

Creating your own green wall is pretty straightforward.

All you need is an appropriate structure—it can be made from anything from wood, metal, or plastic mesh—and plenty of plants that thrive in the local climate.

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Plants that are low-maintenance and drought-tolerant are ideal for green walls as they won’t need much upkeep.

Depending on your environment, popular options include succulents, ferns, and other low-maintenance plants that thrive in dry climates.

If you’re in an area that’s more humid, then tropical plants such as vines or flowering varieties could be ideal.

To attach the plants to the structure of your wall, use lightweight material like coir or a lightweight soil mix. Once in place, water your green wall once a week, depending on how humid it is in your area.

You should also consider adding an irrigation system if you want to keep the maintenance minimal.

It’s also important to ensure plenty of sunlight reaches the plants by positioning your green wall in an area where it will get partial shade during each day—this will keep it looking vibrant and healthy without over-exposing it to direct light.

However, there’s a cost associated with installing and maintaining these walls. It may be less than expected, especially if you go the DIY route.

The plants will need regular care, including watering and periodic pruning.


A green wall is a great way to improve your environment while also adding some character to your surroundings.

They have a lot of advantages that can enhance your quality of life in addition to having a fantastic aesthetic appeal.

Whether you’re looking for a way to improve the air quality, reduce noise levels or improve energy efficiency, green walls are your friends. In addition, they can help to increase the biodiversity in your area.



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